Packing For Your Trip To London

Packing For Your Trip To London

When you think of London, you may think of a fairy tale that has been brewing in your head since you were young. You may think of it as something from your favorite movies or plays. You might imagine what it is like from history class or even what it might be like to visit a place where your favorite band originated from. London is a place that offers up the arts, culture, and history. It’s almost impossible to soak it all in with one trip. However, with careful planning and proper knowledge on what to wear and what to see, you can have an unforgettable time.

London is home to millions and is as famous as places like New York City or Los Angeles. That means millions of tourists visit each year. Whatever time of year you visit London, you are guaranteed to be greeted with packed and busy streets filled to the brim with natives and those who may be lost in the area. You want to start off slow, so a week should be fine and from there you can plan longer trips. For now, we’ll only cover seven days. So what to do in London for seven days, and how to prepare for it?



Spring in London is an unpredictable season. The transition from winter into spring causes rainy seasons, unexpected chilly weather, and perhaps even a bit of snow. You don’t want to wear heavy layers, but it isn’t exactly time to bring out your sleeveless tops. So here’s what is recommended:

  • Light Layers
  • Raincoat
  • Comfortable shoes

Clothing – Light layers like thin sweaters, t-shirts, and a jacket paired with a classic pair of jeans will be more than enough to keep you cozy and toasty while exploring different areas of the city. Plus, you can jazz it up any way you please to look as fashionable as ever.

Outerwear – A waterproof jacket and an umbrella are essential for London spring travel. You never know when it might rain or pour, so being ready will be your smartest bet to not getting drenched. You don’t want to catch cold while abroad; it will ruin the entire experience.

Shoes – An ankle boot shoe or even a pair of sneakers would do you just fine. As long as your feet aren’t aching with every step you take and aren’t freezing, anything that you choose should be fine. If you’re still having trouble deciding, you can visit Two24 and find a brand new pair of boots to take.

Packing For Your Trip To London


The weather in the UK, in general, doesn’t get super hot, and if it does it is quite rare. Here’s what is recommended for the summer:

  • Casual wear
  • Formal wear
  • Shoes

Casual wear- Sporting your favorite dress, short sleeved shirt or tank top, or maybe even a jumpsuit could do you well. Light colors are great when it’s sunny out, or if it’s chilly outside, you’re good with a simple jacket.

Formal wear – Checking the dress code is essential and every place is different. If it’s dinner at a fancy hotel, meeting the quality of the establishment with your clothes is vital. Something black that fits great, like a dress or pantsuit, would be fine.

Shoes – Sandals, flats, sneaker, or low heels give you as much freedom to choose what would look best with your outfit that day. Mix and match, but make sure to always be comfortable!


Fall is a time when the weather is getting colder, and it’s now when you want to bring your heavier attire. Thick socks, warmer sets of shoes, and bigger coats will be best for both fall and winter. However, for the fall season, you can still get away for some lighter layers. With this season, it’s much easier to add warmer clothing in your collection to match with winter conditions.

  • Sweaters
  • Scarves
  • Winter coats

Sweaters – Like in the spring, layers are the best thing to go for. Turtlenecks, cardigans, and fleeces are great to pack.

Scarves – A nice warm scarf will help protect you from getting cold. A good pair of gloves should also be an essential asset in your luggage.

Winter coats – Down coats, faux fur, and puffer coats are great for keeping yourself warm in the bitter cold of London’s winter. Boots with fur linings will help keep your feet warm, along with a pair of fuzzy socks.

Now that we’ve established what’s best to wear, knowing where to go and what to do is next. On top of that, for those who love fashion, London is one of the leading fashion capitals in the world. You may be able to catch London’s fashion week or perhaps take a mini shopping spree.

London is filled with different wonders that are perfect for adults and children. You can go and catch a famous play, take tours around the city, or quietly find hidden treasures all on your own. If you’re short on time and if you want to take a final look before your departure, there’s so much you can do within even as little as 24 hours.

Overall, you don’t want to miss sights like the London Eye, Big Ben, or the Tower of London. All you have to do to succeed in your travel goals is to plan correctly and efficiently. Have a great trip!