What to Expect at the Newly Opened Savoy Hotel Manila

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What to Expect at the Newly Opened Savoy Hotel Manila

For busy travellers going from one city to another,  the best option to stay at is near the airport.  However,  the biggest concern is the noise that comes out from the airplanes taking off or landing.

Just recently,  Savoy Hotel had its grand launching event and I was there to witness the occasion plus a quick tour to see what this hotel has to offer.

Savoy Hotel Manila


For starters,  it is conveniently located near NAIA Terminal 3, located at the Newport City in Pasay City and can pass through using the Runway Manila,  the 220 meter pedestrian link bridge that connects NAIA terminal 3 to Newport City.

This 12-storey hotel has 684 room total with room sizes ranging from 23 to 27 square meters.


There are four types of rooms that fit different preferences.  There is the Essentials which is the most basic standard room . Then there are thr comfortable executive suites like The Runway,  The Space and The Deck.

Savoy Hotel Manila

Savoy Hotel Manila

Savoy Hotel Manila

Meeting Rooms

Aside from a place to rest during your trip,  you can also utilize other facilities in Savoy Hotel.

If you have one meeting after the other, you can meet them at The Squares. The Squares is like a co-working space located at every even floors with high-speed internet connection, electric outlets and snacks corner.  This area is available for all guests of the hotel and can be used for meetings,  catching up with friends or just hanging out .


Savoy Hotel Manila Savoy Hotel Manila Savoy Hotel Manila


Savoy Hotel has three Food and Beverage outlets, the Savoy Cafe serving a buffet of Asian and Western Cuisine,  Zabana Bar for lounging over cocktails and the Poolside for an after-swim chill and indulgence.

For those staying at executive suites room,  the Connect Lounge serves as an extension of Savoy cafe where guests can have breakfast and snacks,  complete with facilities for work and relaxation.

Savoy Hotel Manila

Savoy Hotel is Megaworld’s second otel under the Savoy brand.  The first Savoy Hotel opened in Boracay Newcoast last year, while another one is expected to oprn in Mactan Newtown next year.


Visit www.savoyhotelmanila.com for reservations and other information.


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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