Writing About the Year that Was: 2018 Year Ender Post

Writing About the Year that Was: 2018 Year Ender Post

My first post for 2019 is about how my 2018 went.

January is my birth month. 2018 was a milestone as I stepped into the fourth decade of my life.  Now that I am this “old” I’ve realized that age is nothing but numbers especially if you don’t look like it .  People half my age make me laugh coz I’ve been there done that.  Geez I’ve done almost anything inaginable or even unimaginable than you can think of.  Except do drugs and kill (well I might have killed someone in my head repeatedly coz of his lewd comments unbecoming of a leader, I am sure you know who I killed).

Anyway, I celebrated my fourth decade with my close bloggers friends, I may not see or talk to them often, I know they are my friends.  I’m not really a talker or I don’t bother people a lot unless they start the conversation.

I went Tandem Paragliding and we also went to Inflatable Island for our birth month.

I can’t remember much of the small stuff about 2018 .

April is when I went to Taiwan by myself . I was trying to catch the cherry blossoms at the Yamngminshan Park but I was a week too late! I will try again.

Sometime during the Holy Week of 2018 maybe April/May the family went to have an Easter vacay in Batanggas. It was our first time in that area. I’ve heard of it a lot when I was younger and we finally tried this year. I was disappointed.

May/June was the first after a decade or more that my highschool best friends and I went on an out-of-town trip.  We went to La Union and stayed at a place with a Mermaid on it haha.

June was mother’s birthday and Independence Day holiday so we went to La Union again, this time stayed at Aureo La Union. It was a nice place except poor service , I forgot to blog about it.

Visit my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/earthlingorgeous/videos?view=0&shelf_id=4&sort=dd to see all my 2018 vlogs.

2018 year ender

Then I met the  plot twist of my life mid of the year and everything changed.   Like everything and more change coming.  I wasn’t looking for a plot twist just a side story but you can’t stop when it happens.  Plot thickens and I hope more satisfactory  story  unfold. Who knows!

December was when I went to Phuket, Thailand by myself but I met hotel and bar owners there. I haven’t blogged about it yet but I did vlog a part of the trip.  Phuket was wild and fun and free. I am envious at the amount of European tourists they have there inspite of an off-peek season!   This trip is memorable one because of my plot twist participation.  Haha.

I don’t want to talk much about the blogging stuff, it’s all the same. Did try to become a live streaming star for Tamago but it ended before it started real quick.  Signed at a talent agency but I don’t think they’re doing well as a “manager”.

Tried a lot of new things like feeding a Penguin,kissing an Elephant, wall climbing . Restaurant openings like of DC Cafe . Eating at this Steak House in Pasay and in Quezon City .

2018 year ender

Expect more exciting news from me in 2019.

I am aiming for less curated Instagram feed, more Facebook Page postings and more frequent vlogging on my YouTube channel and less commercialized blog posts this 2019.

To all my loyal blog readers and supporters Thank You!  Please keep visiting, say hello once in awhile on my social media or leave comments of my posts or pm’s. I appreciate it a lot!

 May 2019 bring all of us the happiness we deserve. I hope the Philippines becomes more progressive and I pray for leaders that is truly for serving the public they promise to serve and not themselves.  Can I get an amen to that?


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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