Nadine Ibay: Breaking the Norm by Creating a Gallery of Her Own

Nadine Ibay NMI Gallery

After highschool one of the course I wanted to take in college was Fine Arts.  However, since my family was not well-off and I knew the term starving artist and took a different path.

When I met Nadine Ibay at her   NMI Galery  opening in Antipolo last December 13, 2018  I can’t help but get envious of how lucky she was for having  a family who supported her dreams through and through.  Nadine started painting since she was 18 and now that she’s 21 she decided to open her own gallery to showcase her best works . Plus it takes about two years to book an art gallery so why not just out up her own!

Nadine Ibay NMI Gallery

Unlike other artists, she doesn’t mind people touching her canvasses!  Nadine uses mixed media into her abstract paintings that usually takes her weeks to do when she’s so deep into it .

Nadine Ibay NMI Gallery

Her first solo exhibit at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati City was a success and had drawn crowds when it opened last 2017.

An adherent to the principles of Eclecticism, Nadine admires the principles of Gustav Klimt and Banksy, two contrasting artists from different eras known for their private life and highly personal styles of art. In the antithesis of elements found in her painting amidst the vivid array of colors on her canvas, Nadine strives to develop her own style of art born from her own principles as inspired by the great masters before her.

Nadine Ibay NMI GalleryNadine Ibay NMI Gallery

Nadine Ibay NMI Gallery


The exhibit would not have been possible without the generous help of the following sponsors:

E.M Cuerpo, Davies, Columbus, Digee, R.R Encabo, GEO, DVF, Hillmarc, Bostik and 5599 Marketing. Nadine feels so grateful for all the support these sponsors have given her.

Apart from paintings, Nadine also collects crystals and antique pieces which gives a lot of people an impression that hers is an old soul that seeking for satisfaction in the current reality.

Nadine Ibay NMI Gallery

Nadine Ibay NMI Gallery

To experience her work, you may visit or


Photos by Marcus Dreek

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