It’s the Thought That Counts – Limited Edition Toblerone Valentine’s Day Blank Packs

You may buy all the expensive gifts you can think of in the world but nothing really beats the carefully thought of and personalized gifts .  You know you are burried deep into their thoughts and your not just like everyone else. Yes, the feeling of being special is what all want especially with the one we love.

That is why even if it’s already the most common gift on Valentine’s Day, what makes the limited edition Toblerone Valentine’s Day Blank Pack is that you can #bemoreimaginative write your heartfelt or  love notes to your special someone and make them feel kilig with all the sweetness you are showing them.

Toblerone will also have a special kiosks this Valentine’s season where you can #bemoreimaginative and create your own  Toblerone Valentine’s Day pack.

Tobleron Valentine's Day Blank pack

I made my own pack with my special message to my partner in crime and favorite plot twist and it made him kilig.  I dunno because he likes chocolates or he likes the specialized pack I made for him.  He definitely ate the small one at the movies!

Meanwhile, there is also the SolennHeusaff and Nico Bolzico #Sosbolz imited edition design Tobelrone packs.  Well actually it was Solenn who painted the the designs using Nico’s idea of putting in the entire family (including their lovable pets Potato and Pochola) .

Tobleron Valentine's Day Blank pack

Tobleron Valentine's Day Blank pack

#Sosbolz are my favorite online couple. The things Nico posts is just hilarious and how they together in person is even more endearing #couplegoals.

 The limited edition Toblerone Blank Packs for Valentine’s day is available in 100g (Php106) , 200g (Php206) and 360g (Php400).

Tobleron Valentine's Day Blank pack

But wait there’s more….

Go to a Toblerone Vday  day kiosks #bemoreimaginative and make your own Toblerone packs and get a chance to win a giant Toblerone weighing 4.5 kilos this Vday!  There will be 35 winners to receive the special Toblerone size!

Tobleron Valentine's Day Blank pack

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Stay gorgeous everyone!


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