What I Think of ULAN, A HOOQ Originals Movie

Ulan Movie Review

The story of Ulan reminded me of things I was told about to believe in during my childhood and the ending was something I learned the hard way as an adult.

Let’s just say it’s a good movie to show the contrast  of  fantasy vs reality, ideal vs actual things about love and relationship a young woman is made to believe and experience.

I was actually unhappy about the ending, but as I contemplated about it I realized, it’s my story, it’s a story of a lot of women out there.  It’s a story every woman or young lady should watch.  It’s not the usual feel good love story but it will actually knock you back to your senses.

I recommend you to watch it. It’s like an artsy experimental movie, shots are done well. I love Nadine Lustres wardrobe. The story is so relatable especially with my generation who has been told a lot of stories about Rain, Love, Marriage and Tikbalangs .

Ulan Movie Review

Movie features Nadine Lustres and Carlo Aquino and is showing in cinemas March 13,2019.

Sorry , no his review, I watched by myself and I feel guilty about it (like cheating ) I am so used watching and reviewing movies with my bf partner in crime Marcus.  But this was a Filipino movie (it has subs) that is the first HOOQ original full-lenght film they did with Viva.  The invitation was very last minute and I assumed I can’t drag Marcus to go to movies with me knowing the traffic and all that jazz in Manila. Plus it’s disrespectful to invite in the last minute. Plus… Why am I explaining this all here haha (I want a public apology to Marcus for not taking him to watch this with me).

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