DC Cafe Launches SHAZAM Meal

DC Cafe is absolutely one of my favorite hangout/ themed restaurant in the Philippines. Being a comic and movie superhero fan, I feel always at home in there.

Just recently, we we’re invited to be one of the first to try out their April dishes offering the Shazam Power Meals ! Also in time for the release of Shazam movie !

DC Cafe Shazam Power Meal

I’ve been to all of DC Cafe food tasting event since they opened and honestly this is one of the best themed meal they have ever launched!

DC Cafe Shazam Power Meal


There are seven dishes in the Shazam Power Meals and here they are from my most favorite:

Strength of Hercules (Baby Back Ribs) Php780


DC Cafe Shazam Baby Back Ribs

Stamina of Atlas (Mango Float) Php180


DC Cafe Shazam Mango Float

Courage of Achilles (Honey Butter Drumstick) Php490


DC Cafe Shazam Honey Butter Chicken

Wisdom of Solomon (Beef Kebab) Php390


DC Cafe Shazam Beef Kebab

Power of Zeus (Grilled Pork chop) Php380


DC Cafe Shazam Pork Chop

Speed of Mercury (Macaroni Soup) Php280


DC Cafe Shazam Macaroni Soup

If you notice they mention seven different  power of Greek God’s , that’s a tip of knowing who Shazam is and what are his powers, yes sorry for the spoiler but like you , I know very little to nothing about this new superhero.

Shazam will be out on cinemas starting April 3 staring Zachari Levi,Asher Angel and Mark Strong distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

DC Cafe Shazam Power Meal

DC Cafe Shazam Power Meal

The Shazam Power meal  will be available at DC Cafe at SM Mega Fashion Hall  starting  last  week of March .


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