Food Trip At Marquee Mall Pampangga: 17 Food Establishments In 6 Hours!

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Food Trip At Marquee Mall Pampangga: 17 Food Establishments In 6 Hours!

If I can file something for the Guiness Book of World Records, I think the Food Trip I had at Marquee Mall in Pampangga last Saturday (Nov. 17,2012) can make it there!  Imagine having eaten/ drunk in 17 food establishments in 6 hours non-stop!   Who can beat that?   With my very small frame and seemingly small “food compartment”  how did I ever managed to put all those food and drinks in me!   I a still surprised!

Ayala Malls invited a couple of bloggers for a Food Trip at Marquee Mall in Pampangga.  We were not told where and how many food establishments we are gonna visit.  Personally, I was expecting a few and mostly those who serve dishes and delicacies that can only be found in Pampangga.  I was wrong.  Not only did we sample food that can be found in Pampangga only, but we tried out 17 food establishments you can find in Metro Manila and worldwide!

‘Here’s a preview of the food establishments that we tried out in Marquee  (I will be posting a much detailed post in my food blog Matakaw Ako for each stops)

My food trip companions


Top to bottom row: MJ, Ning, Richard, Flow, Marcel, Tricia, Aileen, Zaya, Me, Krissy, Kat and Trina

Food Trip at Marquee Mall
Food stop #1: TGIFridays and their new Boneless Buffalo Bites and famous Baby Back Ribs

Food stop #2: Red Kimono and their Crispy Prawn and Dilis Maki and Okonomiyaki (a yummy Japanese Pizza), Mochi Balls,  and classic Thai Milk Tea

Kimono Ken
Food stop #3: Seafood Island and the Boodle Fest menu good for 10-12 persons for Php1,880.oo only!


Food stop #4: Italianni’s and their Holiday Feast Platters

Food stop #5: Apag Marangle and their scrumptious and authentic Pampangga cuisine (the Humba is delish!)  


Apag Marangle
Food stop #6: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut
Food stop #7: SumoSam 

Food stop #8: Classic Savory

Classic Savory
Food stop #9: Giligan’s

After the main dishes! We head on to the beverages, sweets and desserts!

Food stop #10: Nathaniel’s (Famous for their frozen Buco Pandan and Mochi that was featured in Jessica Soho !)

Food stop #11: Kabigting’s Halo-Halo (Famous for their special Halo-Halo that uses pastillas de leche instead of sugar!)

Kabigting's Halo-Halo
Food stop #12: Honey and Daisy’s Pastries

Daisy's Sweets & Pastries
Food stop #13: Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne's
Food stop #14: Carreon’s Sweets and Pastry

Carreon's Sweets & Pastries
Food stop #15: Dakasi (originally from Taiwan)

Food stop #16: Fruits in Ice Cream

Fruits in Ice Cream
Food stop #17: Coco Fresco

Coco Fresco
I know you are asking how did I fit all those food in my small food compartment? Honestly I don’t know! In fact I was surprised by the amount of food we tried and sampled. By the time we are done we are so full that we just had to take home the drinks from Dakasi, Coco Fresco and Nathaniel’s!

How about you, have you ever tried such extreme food trip! Extreme meaning 17 food establishment in 6 hours!

Marque Mall is Ayala Mall’s first high end mall in Pampangga where he best of the region’s arts, crafts, and cuisine can be found.  It is approximately an hour’s drive from Manila.

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  1. This will surely be a great help for me since I am planning to go there with my mom and my brother next week. It will be our first time there and having seen this review of yours, I can choose the ideal restaurant that we will surely going to visit. My mom love seasfoods and we might visit the Seafood Island.

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