How to work around a budget when you travel

How to work around a budget when you travel

Travelling is a big reward I give myself at least once a year.   I normally do this during my birth month and I go where I haven’t been before being it local or out-of-the-country destinations.

I’m able to do this because I plan ahead of time including setting aside a budget for the entire trip and not going over my allowance as much as possible.

So, how do I work around my budget when I travel?

  1. Book in advance.

It is surprising how airfare tickets and hotel or hostel rates are way cheaper at least 6 months before your planned travel dates.  It’s always hard to book a flight during airline promo sales, I’ve done it and it’s just time-consuming and frustrating at the same time.  You will get more at ease when you book ahead of time and get a good price too and you don’t have to be annoyed by all the hassle during an airline promo sales period when everyone’s trying to book at the same time and the website crashes.

  1. Try the book now pay later options.

I use Agoda when I book my hotels and one thing I like about them is that they have this book now pay later options.  It is very convenient, you get a good deal and you have the time to make and save that money you need to pay for your accommodations. All you need is your debit or credit card info to input so they can automatically charge you when your payment is due.  But if you don’t have funds on the due date your bookings will get cancelled.  So make sure to keep your bank account or credit card balance monitored and funded.

Budget travel

  1. Use debit cards or prepaid credit cards

They’re way much better than credit card where you get charged higher fees.  Plus you can only spend what you have and not go over the budget!

  1. DIY your itinerary

Guided tours are time bound and expensive.  You’ll save a lot and enjoy the place better by your making your own our itinerary.  Research ahead and make a list of the places you want to see and activities you want to try.

Budget travel

One of the things I always do is get a travellers map from the tourism kiosks of my travel destination. Then I take a one-day guided tour on my first day so I can familiarize myself with the bus stops, food stops, shopping and travel areas that I can visit by myself on the next few days.  This way I know the price for public transport, the time I need to get there and know the prices of food and tour and activities packages.

You don’t really need to spend a fortune to get to travel. All you need is to be smart and think ahead of time.  When you got your finances and travel plans on track it is never impossible to enjoy your dream vacation.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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