Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review

Annabelle : Comes Home Movie Review His & Her Opinion

Is this as scary as the first Conjuring and Annabelle films?  Should you go watch it?

What Earth thinks of it?  Her POV

If you want to know how Annabelle got in that glass box then watch this movie.

I will be starting the review today because I am a fan of horror films even if I get scared a lot.  For me it’s just fun to watch horror movies because in the end you know it’s not real and nothing can hurt you like the way they show you on films. Anyway, I have seen all of the Conjuring and Annabelle movies and I have to drop the mic, Annabelle Comes Home not as scary as the first few ones.  The only thing that made this movie scary was the sound scoring. It definitely pumps your adrenaline and of course it’s also the movie goers that scream and anticipate to get scared that makes you jump off your seat.

It was very slow and boring (ooops) compared to the first few ones 5/they frighten the hell out of me!   This one just annoyed me haha. Ooops!

what I said it’s up to you if you want to watch or not.  If this is your first time to watch an Annabelle movie good for you a good start for you to not be scared at all.

Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review

What Marcus Thinks of it? His POV

I had not seen any previous Conjuring or Annabelle movies, so I was curious if this one would stand alone as a good story. The story starts at the end of some previous adventure. I don’t know if it is the end of a previous movie, but it was a nice introduction to the doll, Annabelle. As with all horror stories, I’m curious about the rules of the universe. What can the spirits do and not do? Well, this one shows us pretty quick that they can affect the real world, pushing people and driving trucks. So that’s good to know. And then we learn that Catholic blessings mean something. Okay, so it’s a demon/God thing. Great. Now I should expect crosses and faith would mean something.

The story is good at setting up Red Herrings. In the film making industry, that is what we call it when you purposely try to fool the audience into expecting something, and then that doesn’t happen. This is the feeling you get in a horror film every time a character turns around…. You just know something is going to be there when they turn back…. But then there’s nothing. Whew. The movie did those very well. Not too much, but enough to keep you on your toes.

I think what might have been fun about this story compared to what I know of the previous ones, is that there are many cursed items in this story. Kind of a “Cabin in the Woods” feel. (Great horror film that references all other horror films ever made. Check it out.) So now we are left wondering what all these other curses do, and that’s great fun.
But the biggest problem to this and most horror films, is that the rules aren’t explained well. What does it take to destroy a spirit? What do they want? How do they get it? So we’re left running around, afraid of something we don’t really know what it does. Possess and kill seem to be the obvious motives, but then why toy with the victims? Because it’s great fun to watch, I guess. I just had to let the film makers have fun, throwing in all the creepy ideas they could think of, even if they didn’t really have a purpose to advance the story. We just know we’re going to die if we don’t run. I guess that is reason enough. I’d like more cleverness, but I still liked the film. It’s done better that most horror films and I enjoyed it better than I thought I would.


The film opens in PH cinemas June 26. MTRCB Rating is R-13. Hashtag is #AnnabelleComesHome.