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SureTayo App

I buy and sell stuff online.  While negotiating is easy, the roadblock is the payment scheme.  I feel very uncomfortable giving my bank account details to strangers , even if they are customers .  I have been a victim of identity theft and credit card cloning and I never want to be in that situation again ever!

I haven’t heard of SureTayo before but  they are owned by Dragopay Corporation. Dragonpay has been prominent in most of my government payment transactions like paying for Birth Certificate and Passport requirements. So when I heard they are launching a SureTayo app to make payment more convenient and accessible to everyone!

SureTayo has been present online since last year but they are more on desktop.  Now they made an app so mobile users need not switch to a device to a PC or laptop just to secure a payment on an online transaction.

SureTayo App

Nikki Valdez who one MsButterCake can attest to the SureTayo App , she has been using it and is happy with how payments are guaranteed and no bogus costumers and fraud ever happens in between transactions.  Valdez said this app is helpful with proceeding with baking her cake as she can make sure payment is made first before baking and puting a customized cake to waste.

SureTayo App

SureTayo App has six main tools to help the customers and even the sellers:

  1. Profile – contains the sellers information and the link that they can share to their customers to place orders
  2. Order – Sellers can now make invoice through the app. This invoice can be sent to the buyer via SMS, email or other messaging apps.  The invoice has the link that will take them to the Dragonpay payment channels.
  3. Transactions – this is where buyers and sellers check the status of your transactions from paying to shipping.
  4. Payout – a seller can see their total earnings for the week and payout is also done every week sent through their registered bank account .
  5. FAQ – answers questions you need inquiring technical ones
  6. Rewards – the tab to watch after for exciting promos , special offers and discounts.

To know more about SureTayo visit or follow SureTayoPh on Facebook. You may download the app on the App Store and Google Play.


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