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5 Services You Didn’t Know A Plumber Can Do

We all know to call a plumber if our faucet leaks or a drain is plugged, but many people don’t know that plumbers offer several other services. From working with gas lines to installing appliances, your local plumber has you covered. Check out this list of services for the help you didn’t know you needed.

  1. Fixing Sewer Issues

Sewer issues are incredibly frustrating. Not only can it be difficult to decide which company is best equipped to fix them, but they also wreak havoc in your home the longer the issues go unresolved. Plumbers are trained to handle sewage problems and might even be able to do so without digging up your yard. No-dig technology is a cost-effective way of correcting many sewage problems without the hassle and added cost of digging into the ground, and plumbers are skilled in using it.

  1. Improving Water Quality

It’s no secret that municipal water isn’t usually the highest quality, so if you’re trying to make it healthier for your family, ask your plumber for advice. They’ll be able to install water filters and water softeners, which will boost the quality of your water without the use of water filter pitchers. By enlisting a professional, you’ll have the convenience of getting healthy, refreshing water straight from your tap. 

  1. Installing Various Appliances

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The biggest surprise to most homeowners is that plumbers can set up just about any appliance you have. Because leaks can occur in any part of the house, they know how to uninstall and install appliances safely in order to work around them. Rest assured, if you ask a plumber to install something for you, it will be done correctly and often quicker than other installation companies. 

  1. Assisting With Water Damage

When our homes are filling up with water, we don’t always know who to call for help. Oftentimes, we panic and try to fix it ourselves. Plumbers are no strangers to water damage, and they often have the tools necessary to help with flooding issues. With a quick call, they can help you remove the water quickly and start putting your home back together again. 

  1. Handling Gas Lines

When we have a problem with a gas line, it can be scary. Gas companies are usually our first line of defense against those issues, but they are sometimes inundated with calls and can’t respond as quickly as we’d like. If you ever find yourself in this situation, try calling your plumber. They’re trained to work with gas lines and can usually fix most problems. You might even pay less for a plumber than you would for your local gas company.

Being a plumber is truly a handyman profession. If you ever find yourself with a problem and don’t know who to call, do yourself a favor and reach out to your plumber. They’re experienced in all types of issues and will be happy to help you out.

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