How to #GetActive : 3 Easy Holistic Approach to Stay Healthy

#GetActive Campaign Watsons

We all complain we don’t have enough time or money to pursue a healthier  way of living.   But honestly,  time and money is not an excuse to prioritize your health.

#GetActive Campaign Watsons

Recently, Watson showed us 3 Easy Holistic Approach to Stay Healthy  with their #GetActive campaign.   The #GetActive campaign showed us fun,  doable,  and affordable steps to take to be in tip-top shape.

Eat Better

Making or consuming healthy recipes/ menu need not be time consuming or expensive.  Chef Barni of Sexy Chef showed us two easy-to-prepare recipes that are delicious, affordable and to-go “mason-jar” meals.   One was  the Overnight Peanut Butter Banana and Strawberry Oats and the other Greek Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette.  Ingredients  for both recipes can be easily found in supermarkets.  Visit Sexy Chef for the complete recipe.

#GetActive Campaign Watsons
Photo by Charlene A Jose


Simple Exercises at home or office

Taking 15 minute of your day to do simple cardio exercises and weight lifting can do amazing change to your well-being.  Sam Adjani for Cosmo demonstrated to us simple workout at home or office we can do using props that can be found at home or office like bottled water and chairs.

#GetActive Campaign Watsons


Take Vitamins and Supplements

We don’t really get enough of the vitamins and minerals we need from the food we consume everyday. Taking Vitamins and supplements  bridges the nutrient gap we don’t get from our diet and lifestyle to prevent illness.

There are a lot of types of vitamins available and formulated to fulfill different nutritional needs. 4 important vitamins we all should take are:

  1. Vitamin A for immunity, vision and healthy skin
  2. Vitamin B complex for energy production
  3. Vitamin C for immunity and protection  against diseases
  4. Vitamin E for cell damage repair or prevention and for healthy skin

Watson’s houses different brands,  even in house brands that are affordable and effective depending on age and gender and ordered form.  There is Enervib,  Concave,  Ceelin,  Revicon,  Myra E,  Centrum, Stresstab,  Berocca,  Rogin E,  Fern  C and Watsons Generics.

#GetActive Campaign Watsons

To further encourage shoppers, Watson’s is offering up to 20% off on select vitamins  for select  period of time. While loyal members of SM Advantage,  SM Prestige,  PRIMO,  and BDO card Holders gets a chance to win a trip to Bali,  Guam  or Sydney or win an iPhone for every Php500 minimum purchase.  This promo is in partnership with and Philippine Airlines. Visit for more info and promos.

So what are you waiting for stay healthy #GetActive.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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