5 Kinds of Shoes That Blend Well with Your Maxi Dress if you have reflex

5 kinds of shoes

5 Kinds of Shoes That Blend Well with Your Maxi Dress if you have reflex

Maxi dresses are the cool, casual dress of summer that never goes out of style. Finding a maxi dress you like is much easier than finding the right shoe to pair with the popular dress. 

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with five types of shoes that work well with maxi dresses, or any dress, really. Choose the shoe you’re most comfortable in. 

Maxi dresses are meant to be relaxing and easygoing. A compromise of sorts for when you want to wear a dress but not a tight-fitting, short LBD. 

The Shoe Has It

Your shoes might be the last thing you put on when you get dressed, but they are hardly the least important part of any outfit. A good pair of shoes is one of the first things other women see when they are out and about. 

Since maxi dresses are a somewhat new but immensely popular garment, it’s good to know which shoes to wear with them. They are typically worn during casual day outings but can be dressed up for the night with the right shoes and accessories (check online here some unique pieces). 

If maxi dresses are your go-to summer style, use this guide to change up your shoe choices without losing your personal sense of style or an ounce of comfort. 


  1. Flip flops – Many women practically live in flip flops and sandals during the warmer months. The shoes fit well with the casualness of the maxi dress, like those found at fillyflair.com. However, if you wear maxi dresses year-round (and that’s okay if you do,) flip flops may not be feasible for colder climates. 
  1. Heels – There isn’t an outfit that heels don’t elevate. Even sweatpants could look classy if they are paired with the right heels. The height of your heels depends on your comfort, but be sure the dress is short enough not to snag on the heels when you walk. 
  1. Boots – Boots are a versatile shoe that goes with many different types of clothes. If you’re looking to add a country feel to your maxi dress, pair it with a cute pair of cowboy boots. Thigh-high boots can turn up the heat on a maxi dress while ankle boots can add charm.
  1. Wedges – If you like your shoes with height but don’t like the thinness of heels, wedges are the perfect compromise. Chunky wedges give your balance some security while keeping your outfit looking cute. 
  1. Espadrilles – Similar to sandals, espadrilles are flat shoes held in place by a rope. The style of the rope can differ based on designers. Like sandals, they are a popular summer shoe. 

The Shoes Make the Outfit

Shoes are for more than just protecting your feet from the harsh ground. They can be fashion accessories used to complete a look. Some shoes are fleeting trends that come and go quickly, such as jelly shoes or combat boots. However, the shoe types in this list have made the grade for centuries and are always in style. They pair well with your favorite maxi dress. 


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