My Year 2020 Vision – What I Want, What I Need , What I’m Suppose to Do

My 2020 Vision

People are making their look back essays for the past decades but Me I won’t.I don’t want to look back because I’m afraid to realize how I lost  so many people, opportunities and things this 2019. They said your only good as your last.


A lot do their New Years Resolutions but I won’t. I don’t like to make Resolutions because I don’t want to fail myself by not fullfiling what I promised to me.


What I would do this new year and new decade is use my 2020 vision on life and how this rollercoaster life works. 


This day, I just want to look forward and hopeful and let go.  


I may not be able to gain back the people, opportunities and things I lost but I believe I can find new ones to cherish better . Use my past mistakes as part of the process.   Trust the process.


Never expect other people to be your anchor and make you happy. The biggest anchor you can hold on to is yourself. You’re the only one who knows who you are, what you need, what you want, what you can do.  


Never let anyone define you, they’re defining you based on their own preferences.   You are not there to make them happy, you make you happy. 




Take things  as it comes , enjoy everything as it is. If it’s not as what you expect.l, forget your expectations and make the best out of the situation.


There are people who will remember you and there are those who won’t. Connections aren’t forced, they happen.  


If it’s meant to be, it will be.  At the right place at the right time.  You will never be ready for anything but you can always be present. 


Stay gorgeous!

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