How to Make Bike Riding a Workout

Going for a bike ride is a way to get exercise and enjoy the natural world. Cycling can also be a great outlet for amping up your fitness routine and making a solid workout part of your daily routine. Once you develop a consistent routine, you’ll be able to burn 300-400 calories on a moderate ride and work out your entire lower body. Follow this guide to make the most out of your next ride on the best bicycles for men.


Decide How Long to Ride


Cycling is endlessly adaptable as a workout strategy. How long you should ride will depend on your fitness goals. Consider these guidelines for planning out often you’ll go for a bike ride and how long you’ll pedal on each outing.


  • Biking for Beginners: For cyclists who are starting out, logging just 20 to 30 minutes of biking on womens bikes for sale on a regular basis can start to offer benefits. A moderate amount of cycling can help you reduce stress and clear your thoughts at the end of the day. Start with a couple of 3-mile rides each week at a leisurely pace, then work up to longer distances.
  • Biking for Overall Fitness: Riders who want to improve their overall health through riding bikes for older adults should plan to go for multiple shorter rides each week, rather than one long ride. You can build momentum by riding your bike two or three times a week for at least 30 minutes a ride. 
  • Biking for Weight Loss: Consistency is key if you’re hoping to lose weight through your new cycling routine. Develop a habit of riding six or seven miles at a medium pace, with rides a few times a week. You’ll be able to burn about 300 calories during each outing at that pace, which can add up to gradual, sustainable weight loss and an overall healthier lifestyle. 
  • Biking for Training: If there’s a long road race at the end of your workout plan, you’ll need to work up to the final distance over time. For example, if you’re getting ready to ride in a 20-mile race on the best bicycles for men, you’ll want to work up to that distance on multiple rides a week over the course of several weeks.


Develop a Warm-Up Routine

Before you hit the main part of each ride, be sure to warm up your muscles to avoid injuries. Cycling is generally gentle on your back, hips and knees, but you’ll still want to protect them by including stretches and a warm-up in your workout routine. Run through a set of stretches that targets your lower body, including your leg muscles, hips and glutes. Be sure to include a back stretch to open things up. Then, warm up your legs by pedaling at a slow pace for 5-10 minutes on a relatively flat surface. Apply the same consistency to your cool down – pedal at a slower pace for the last 5 minutes of your ride to bring your heart rate back down.


Before you start your new cycling workout routine, you’ll need to gear up with the best bicycles for men or women. Look for a trusted and knowledgeable vendor of bikes and biking accessories to find the best selection and service.


Note:  if you plan to go bike riding during the Covid-19 pandemic make sure to take extra precaution.  Don’t go to crowded places. Wear masks. Use gloves. Wear protective gear.  Keep an alcohol handy.  Remove your clothes and shoes and disinfect your shoes and bike right away. Go straight to the bathroom and take a shower.