My head is racing and I can hardly sleep. This uncertainty bothers me more than I think it would.  The world was caught off guard, nobody had the answer, nobody knows when it will end.  This is a gloomy thought but I would like to think forward.   Marcus and I were talking about the post Covid-19 scenarios and here are some our forecast of things to come.

Our Post Covid-19 Forecast. What Happens to the world after the pandemic of the century.

  1. On traveling,  Visa upon arrival worldwide will be enforced but with the condition of  a Covid-19 vacination proof. This will be required for all travelling out-of-country / overseas.  Update: the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) have laid out plans for the travel industryWorld Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) have laid out plans for the travel industry which include pre-vacination for long haul travel.  And that domestic travel will open first before long-haul trips be allowed for the “new normal” transition on travel.
  2. Covid-19 Free certifications will be required in all travel destination includimg malls, restaurants, groceries, tourist spots. This would guarantee both guests and staff don’t have the virus.Covid-19 Free Certifications
  3. Social Distancing will still be practiced in all public establishments regardless.
  4. Face masks, gloves and jumpers/pull-overs PPE suits will be a fashion necessity. Our Post Covid-19 Forecast. What Happens to the world after the pandemic of the centur.Our Post Covid-19 Forecast. What Happens to the world after the pandemic of the centur.
  5. Half of the work force will be work from home or will be allowed to do remote work.
  6. Right after the Quarantine a lot of people will go out and socialize, meet up and travel but this won’t last long . After catching up and doing things everyone was restricted to do during the lockdown, most will realize social distancing is not a bad idea at all. No more besos and hugs unless everyone is wearing protective gears.
  7. A lot of made at home videos and shows will emerge.
  8. Marcus thinks that watching movies at the theater will be rare. Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and HBO Go will boom and a lot of movie outfit will rather do an online streaming movie showing. Premiere nights will be the only time cinema houses will be used.
  9. Online shopping, food delivery , grocery delivery, online banking will be more used and utilized.
  10. A lot of people including businesses and state leaders will want to learn Chinese as precautionary measure brought by the stigma of Covid-19 to decipher conspiracies by you know who.
  11. Less HIV or sexually transmitted diseases as people would be diligently practice safe sex measures. A boom in condom sales is expected.
  12. Marcus believes that there will be a baby boom. A lot of babies will be born post Covid-19 quarantine worldwide.Post Covid-19 Forecast
  13. Health insurance policies, life insurance policies will include Covid-19 coverages.
  14. Those working in the food and service industry are required to go through Covid-19 testing and anti-body vaccine. Wearing masks gloves at work in food services related industries , grocery and delivery will have to wear it all the time while on duty.
  15. Home schooling, online classes, distance education will be the new norm on education. A new curriculum will emerge .
  16. Hand-washing stations and sanitation footwear pads before entering an establishment will be a staple.Hand Washing Stations Post Covid-19 Forecast Shoe sanitizing mat Post Covid-19 Forecast
  17. There will be a huge change in public transportation. There will be more semi-private type of transportation.
  18. Result of upcoming election and those who will be elected will be dictated by those who did well on Covid-19 pandemic management .  People will remember who was there for them during the crisis.
  19. Unrelentless research and development on anti-bodies and cure for and to fight Covid-19 and similar viral infectious diseases.
  20. World leaders especially from the G4 will band together to fight and disarm the tricky tricky country who started the Pandemic.
  21. If you work in an industry that was highly affected by the lockdown, it is time to evolve and think of a career change.
  22. Events industry instead of doing a lot of people present in one place it can just be an online livestreaming by invite only event. And more interactive one so everyone will be participative instead of just watching.

These are just some of the things we think can happen after the lockdown, just right after the world manages the Covid-19 better if not find a cure for it.

I might add some more post Covid-19 Forecast if something pops in my head.

How about you, what think the world will like after this pandemic of our century ?