The Baker's Circle

The Bakers’ Circle group on Facebook is backed by 9 Pastry Chefs here’s why you should join …

Have you heard about The Bakers’ Circle group on FB?
A lot of Facebook Groups came alive during the pandemic.  This is our way of socializing now with our peers and meeting new friends and just to buy what we want and need online.
However,  some of the groups actually cater to the hobbies that we all acquired this pandemic as a means to cope during these trying times.
When it comes to FB groups I have a couple of favorites, one for cat lovers who advocate FREE adoption of any kind of cats not just ones with breeds. Another for plant enthusiast group where I learn how to take care of my newly acquired plants and even buy new ones.  Then for home enthusiasts which are for home improvements, tips, and inspiration to make our house more of a home.
Baking is one of the hobbies/skills I learned during the pandemic and I am still learning!  Luckily there is The Bakers’ Circle (TBC) it’s one of the groups in FB that has reliable and professional pastry chefs as founding members!
The Baker's Circle

The Bakers’ Circle has the following pastry chefs to help out all the members:

1. Chef Nina Camacho
2. Chef JunJun de Guzman
3. Chef Wilburt Wong
4. Chef Catherine Yu
5. Chef Marivie Ong
6. Chef Rojen Sinfuego
7. Chef Miko Aspiras
8. Chef Kris Tan
9. Chef Buddy Trinidad
At The Bakers’ Circle, there are free Zoom classes on baking done by each of the chefs mentioned above.   They also share their recipe of their best bakes.  They also give professional tips and product recommendations. They also hold raffle and promos, special product discounts.
What also sets this group apart is their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) via the TBC Community Bakery to fully embody the group motto which is:
I was lucky to receive some of the famous bakes from the members of the group.  Yes, even members who are baking enthusiasts and those who have baked goods for sale can also join the group.  Even amateurs who want to learn from the best are highly encouraged to join The Baker’s Circle.

Here is the baked good sent to me by The Bakers’ Circle members!

1. Chiqui Dingcong (Pro MUA) IG & FB: @chiqalamaison

She sent Keto Glazed Chocolate Donuts that melt in your mouth. Even if it was chocolate glazed and donut it tastes light and hindi nakakaumay .  There’s this ice cream kinda taste and texture I can’t guess what haha.  But it’s sooooo goood.!
She also sells these delicious donuts but for advanced/pre-orders only.
The Baker's Circle keto chocolate glazed donut The Baker's Circle keto chocolate glazed donut

2. Mickey Uy IG: @godessdelight2017

Gave me  Palm-Sized 6 oz. Chocolate Walnut and Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.  If you are familiar with the Scouts Honor cookies.  They kinda have a similar taste and texture.  Yes, melts in your mouth with a soft and chewy inside!  She sells her cookies regularly just PM her!
The Baker's Circle palm size cookies

3. Helen Tan IG: @helen.s_kitchen 09175384520

Baked a Banana Chocochip Crumble Loaf for me!  This loaf is so moist and the ingredients are generous!  My daughter loved it!  She also sells this regularly.
The Baker's Circle banana loaf

4. Dra. Pauline Santiago (Opthalmologist at The Medical City Ortigas) IG & FB: @panaderianidocp

Sent a Milk Breda with Sweetened Cream Cheese and Honey-Garlic Butter.  OMG! This is heavenly.  Golden crust but inside it’s heavenly.  You don’t need any spread to enjoy this bread it’s an entire meal itself!
The bread is so delectable and the texture doesn’t deteriorate even if you put it on the fridge.  Pop it in the microwave for a few seconds if you want it hot.  Have it with your coffee, tea or hot chocolate it is yummy!
The Baker's Circle milk loaf cream cheese
If you want to network with a community of passionate home bakers guided by industry professionals The Bakers’ Circle is the group you should join. Elevate your skill and find the best resource for all your baking needs!  See you there!