Don’t fix me , I’m not broken – Skip I’m just venting

Don't fix me, I'm not broken

Don’t fix me , I’m not broken – Skip I’m just venting

You are lucky because you have a regular work and just deal with the same people in your office or company . You get paid regularly at a fixed amount every pay day .

Freelancers like me we have to deal with the entire world. We have to be nice and kind to everyone because everyone is a potential client and / or a follower and fan for life whom help sustain you .

We don’t have regular pay on regular pay days , we have to patiently wait when they decide to pay us even if there is a contract and a date in the contract that we will get paid. We have to wait. Most of the time there are delays and there is a bureaucracy we have to deal with . Even if we already fulfilled our part of the deal , and met the deadline that was on the contract . We are the ones who need to adjust, all the time.

We just have to think at least we have something to look forward to, even though there are times you never get paid at all because their excuse it was not turned over to them . But there was the contract and they knew it existed so why they can’t do anything about it? Can’t do or won’t do?

So sometimes you have to kiss ass. Which is hard for someone like me, to be cordial to someone who is obviously a user and abuser. I have lost a lot of PR friends and clients because I wasn’t kissing their asses. I also wasn’t paid because they don’t like my frankness. They want pretentious people who shower them with praise. That’s not me.

It also sucks to be a single mom when you have to be the mom and the dad same time. Be the provider and the comforter.  You can’t be sad , you can’t give up, even if you want to.  So here, I vent.  I try a cry for help but nobody hears and nobody believes I need help.  Because I am strong. Sucks to be strong and independent sometimes.

I am not broken so don’t try to fix me. I am completely whole and being whole sometimes sucks because the world things you don’t need anything. You got everything . You are Wonder Woman you can do it all. Who will save the saver? No one.

You have to save yourself . Stay strong.

End of vent. Life goes on.

I am a storyteller. Enabler. Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle Blogger. An advocate of autism awareness, women's and children's rights and the environment. A single parent of a person with autism. A former Journalist. I am not an expert I am experienced. I do what I love no regrets. If you need anything email me at : earthlingorgeous (@)
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