Best Destinations in Rarely Visited Places

Every traveler wants to visit those picturesque places that we see all the time in postcards. It’s such an incredible feeling to finally experience the setting in person after seeing their beauty in pictures. But unique places full of discoveries exist that are barely advertised for travelers to visit. Places that can spark excitement and curiosity to even the most knowledgable and traveled people out there.

    These places are unique destinations like Iran and Pakistan, countries that are often stigmatized by the international press. A few week’s time to visit these countries and exploring their wonders may not be enough time. So we listed down the places that travelers should absolutely not miss. We even included a detour to India at the end for those wanting to travel to continue their travels through the three neighboring countries. 

  • Tehran, Iran

    Traveling to Iran may seem intimidating, but surprisingly the people are very hospital and welcoming to any foreigners they encounter, even Americans. As long as you don’t instigate any political conversation and follow and respect their customs, then there won’t be any trouble. So while you’re in Iran, the first place to explore is, of course, Tehran.

    The city is Iran’s capital and it’s the best place to familiarize with modern Iran. It’s located in the slopes of the magnificent Alborz Mountains which can be viewed from any place in the city.

Best destinations

  • Kashan, Iran

    Another destination that travelers shouldn’t miss out visiting while in Iran is Kashan. Kashan is located in the province of Isfahan province near the center of Iran where its Persian roots are still very vivid and alive. 

Historic Persian architecture is beautifully preserved in their traditional houses which people can visit. Get souvenirs like their stunning Persian carpets in their historic bazaar. Relax at their traditional bathhouses and don’t forget to take pictures at the stunning Agha Bozorg Mosque.

  • Karachi, Pakistan

    From Iran, head over to neighboring Pakistan with affordable flights. You may be surprised that just like in Iran, Pakistani people are incredibly hospitable to tourists they encounter. As long as you’re respectful of local customs, exploring Pakistan won’t be an issue. While in Pakistan, don’t miss out on visiting Karachi, a city in the province of Sindh.

    A coastal city in the south, Karachi is a great city to explore for travelers to see a mix of modern and historic Pakistan. The different architecture styles found in Karachi is insane.

  • Lahore, Pakistan

    Lahore Next up the historic city of Lahore in the eastern province of Punjab. This stunning city has an expansive history which can be seen in its many well-preserved historic monuments that dotted in and around Lahore. The city also has an amazing bazaar and food market that heavily features Pakistani streetfood that travelers must try. The sights alone in Lahore make it a must-visit destination for first-time travelers in Pakistan.

There’s also the awesome experience of seeing the Wagah border ceremony at the Lahore Wagah Border that’s shared with India. Check out the Air Blue flight price to travel in and outside of Pakistan.

  • Amritsar, India

    Last on this list is Amritsar, India, just 28km from the border with Pakistan. Travelers can also witness the Wagah Border ceremony with Pakistan. Amritsar is another stunning city on this list that is home to a rich mixture of historic and modern sites. The city is probably most well-known as the home to the stunning Golden Temple. There are many more ancient historic sites to be found in Amritsar and visitors shouldn’t miss out on their delicious cuisine and buzzing bazaar.