realme Smart Scale review Philippines

realme Smart Scale + it’s 16 Important Fitness Measurements to Monitor Your Health

As soon as I stepped in the realme Smart Scale, there was no turning back!


I’ve been avoiding weighing scales since the lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  I have been slacking with all the healthy things I’ve been doing in the past.  No more long walks, no more swimming, no more biking, no more loving loving because the jowa is far far away for now.  What’s more with me is more sitting, more eating, more baking and cooking, which is really really bad for my health.

Then came realme Smart Scale to wake me up from the realities of my health.  Time to get rid of the habit and start doing healthy things again even when I’m just at home.

Product information

The realme Smart Scale is one of the AiOT products that realme came up with.  This will be your newest fitness monitor, which helps you achieve and maintain fitness by providing a wide array of data for careful analysis and monitoring.

realme Smart Scale review Philippines

It has 16 types of health measurement data:

  • weight,
  • fat rate,
  • body shape,
  • BMI,
  • muscle mass,
  • body age,
  • basal metabolism,
  • lean body weight,
  • moisture rate,
  • muscle rate,
  • visceral fat level,
  • skeletal muscle,
  • bone mass,
  • protein,
  • fat mass,
  • heart rate

What I think of it?

  • With all the health measurement data it can give me in an instant, I would never want to use any other scale ever again.  To be able to acquire the full report above all you need is to connect it to your realme Link App which will give you a customized health report after every use.  All you need is to input your details, like name, age and height so it can give that personalized report for you.  
  • Each time you step in the realme Smart Scale the data will immediately sync in with the app and it will give you a daily report of your progress or regress if any.  Because of that you get obsessed in getting a report that is ideal.
  • From the previous health machines I’ve tried from expensive fitness studios, my muscle mass has always been very low. That is what I need to work on while I still at my prime .   I am also bothered with what it said that I have low calcium level.
  • Other people in your family can also use the scale as the realme Link App can  can store multi-person health data profiles with an exclusive account for everyone.
  • You need 4 triple a batteries to make this work but the battery included in it can last up to  up to 360 days.
  • It has a special small weight mode which can accurately measure the weight up to 10 grams for pets or other small items.
  • It is available in blue and white variants and has an iconic 23.33 ultra-thin design with hidden LED display made of tempered glass material. 

You may watch my video review of the realme Smart Scale below so you can see what I’m saying



Do I recommend it?

Definitely.  This is one of the most important health tool you can give yourself for Christmas.  With all the fitness data it can gather I bet you will be obsessed too with reaching the ideal measurements according to your body type and height and age.

You don’t have to follow the health tips of others that might not work for you because you have a different body type.  Monitoring what you lack off is what is great about the realme Smart Scale because you will know when you are lacking and what you need to improve.

This is just one of the many realme AiOt products that will be available from hereon.

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Starting November 11 the realme Smart Scale will be available for an SRP of Php1,590.00.  But come 11.11 singles sale the Discounted Prices with Lazada & Shopee 11.11 sale will be  Php1,090.00

A tip: If you use the Lazada Wallet to pay for a minimum purchase of PHP 5,000, you may claim an additional discount of Php400.