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4 important things to look for in an apartment

Apartment hunting? There’s a lot of discussions now if renting is better than buying your own home.  This is because people weigh more of the cost of living when you are renting or if you are on a mortgage.  One of the considerations when it comes to homeownership is also if this will be your home for now while working or you’re forever home.

However, during the pandemic, a lot of job insecurity has been happening, and working from home is the choice now than an option.   So when it comes to real estate it’s more of the urgent and future needs that you should take into consideration.

If it were me, I now opt to rent.  Because renting has less commitment and it is easier to leave the place when you are displaced because of your job or traveling or something else.  Renting doesn’t give you the headache of any real estate issues and paperwork on mortgages.  You don’t need to face a lot of paperwork when finding a buyer if you own the property and selling it.

So what are the things you should look for in an apartment?

It really varies depending on the big city or a smaller town.  Both have a different price range so you have to focus on your budget and what can you get from it.  You can check out the Real Estate in Toronto for options and choices.

  1. One of the most important things to look for when renting an apartment is the proximity to where you frequent.  It will be convenient if there is a nearby Walmart or fast food you can go to and eat or buy your supplies.  Parking is always an option in small cities. some big city high rise might not have available. If like a community apartment, it’s usually open parking. Sometimes have gate guards and sometimes just open where anyone could drive in and park but guards would patrol.
  2. Are the apartment complex and space and grounds are well taken care of?  If they are well maintained it shows how well managed the place is and it will be easy to get repair service when you need it.
  3. What do they use in the heating and cooling for the flat?  This is for air, water, and oven use. Most apartments have heating and cooling but the difference is if they are gas or electric-based because electricity is more expensive. Heating and cooling are usually low priority as they’re assumed.
  4. Most importantly these days is internet access.  What are their providers and what is good to have? Maybe it can be included in your rent?  If not ask the residents about their experiences and get an idea of which service provider can serve you well.
  5. You should also ask if utilities and trash disposal is included in the rent you are paying.  More often it’s water and trash disposal are included.

Other optional things you should ask if included in an apartment your renting are the following:

  • Amenities like pool, gym, and clubhouse are also important.  Do they have it and what are the rules?  Can you bring a guest with you to use the facilities?  How many family members or members of your household can have access.
  • I would have included guest access rules but because of the pandemic, I guess a lot are more careful who to let in their homes and neighborhood, but maybe for future reference just ask how long can a guest stay in your place because some apartment have rules about this and they might ask for extra if you have a long-staying guest.