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5 Simple Ways you Can Grow and Maintain a Healthy, Beautiful Garden

Everyone loves the idea of a colorful and abundant garden, whether you’re growing plants in tubs and pots or you’re down in the earth, planting seeds directly into the soil, gardening is an incredibly rewarding and satisfying activity.

Unfortunately, where many budding gardeners fall short is their dedication to gardening maintenance. We all lead such busy lives, it’s hardly surprising that our best-laid plans go awry. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an avid and wholly dedicated gardener in order to cultivate a stunning, healthy outdoor space. The right approach to weeding, mowing, planting, and watering can ensure your garden is colorful, attractive, and most importantly – healthy.

Read on for some simple ways you can grow and maintain a healthy, beautiful garden.  

Maintain Your Gardening Equipment

Your gardening efforts are only as good as your gardening equipment, and if your lawnmower, strimmer or shredders aren’t up to scratch, then you can expect poor results. Regular maintenance of your gardening equipment means keeping it clean, oiling the parts where required, and replacing any broken elements – you’ll find MTD replacement parts here. Whatever your next garden chore might be, ensuring you have all the right tools in the right condition at your disposal will not only improve the finished result but also make your job a little easier!

Time Your Watering Right

When we know it’s going to be a scorcher of a day, it’s tempting to water our plants in anticipation. However, watering your plants in the morning means that the water is more likely to evaporate in the heat of the day, which is a waste of water, and deprives your flowers of the hydration they need. Commit to watering your plants in the evening when the soil is cooler. Overwatering can also lead to fungi growth and even cause damage to the flowers themselves, so water the soil instead of the foliage.  

Protect Your Lawn From Drying Out

We all want a well-kept lawn, however, in our pursuit of neatly mown grass, we could be doing more harm than good. Mowing your lawn too short leaves the soil exposed to the sun, which in turn can make it dry out. No one wants dry, dead patches on their lawn, so when the warmer weather hits, ensure you have at least 5cm of growth above your desired grass level for protection.

Stop Weeds

If you want to avoid weeds ruining your flower beds, try to plant your beds as densely as possible. This gives them room to take hold and grow. When weeding your garden, be mindful of pulling at the weeds themselves, it’s always better to dig underneath the soil and remove the plant at its root. Otherwise, it’ll simply grow back again.

Final Thoughts…

Keeping an attractive and well-maintained garden is a wonderful achievement, follow these tips above to ensure you make the most of your outdoor space and keep it looking fresh all year round.