escape WFH stress

WFH Stress , 3 Easy Ways to Escape it Without Leaving Your House 

WFH stress, Do you have it?

We’ve been stuck at home for almost two years now.  The endless new quarantine protocols have been actually a trigger to most of us.  We all just have to suck it and adapt to the new ways of working. 

Before all of this, most of us thought that staying at home to work is a good set-up.  Little do we know it invokes more stress than ever.  I am sure some of you had been cooking or washing dishes while doing zoom meetings or events.  A lot of us even skipped a lot of meals or even a good sleep time just to meet a deadline because it is calmer at home and easier to work when everyone is asleep.  The stress we experienced during the pandemic has actually increased because of more back-to-back meetings and higher demand for multi-tasking. 

I am sure you are all feeling burnt out and want to escape from this sort of prison in your own home.   Honestly, we all need this break or else our health and wellness will show signs of stress. The first one to show signs of stress is our skin.

Before the year ends, here are some ways to escape the WFH stress setup that you can do even at home.  This will make sure you end the year refreshed and ready for whatever challenges come your way.

3 Ways to escape the WFH stress:

  1. Immerse yourself in new worlds


There is no shortage of bad news in the world. Yes, we should be updated with current events, but it doesn’t hurt if we immerse ourselves in more positive environments from time to time. Constantly checking emails and updates about work, especially on weekends can cause even more anxiety at a time when you should be taking care of yourself.


Read a book about a magical realm, about an intense love story, or about a woman finding her purpose in the world. Take it a level higher and join your local book club’s weekly or monthly discussions! Feel the stress fade away as you flip through the pages (or swipe if you’re an e-book convert!) at the end of the day.


  1. Curate a mood-booster playlist


It’s no secret that music affects our mood. Before the work week starts, and the WFH stress creeps in, why not set aside a few hours just listening to old and new favorites and create a personalized playlist for every kind of mood? This will be an easy stress-reliever while you are home when your to-dos start to pile up. It’s also a palate cleanser for your ears after being in whole-day meetings.

Just hit play and feel the stress melt with the beat. Here are some suggested playlists to get you started: “This meeting could have been an email playlist,” “Overtime will soon be over playlist,” “Malapit na mag-weekend playlist.”

escape WFM stress

  1. Make your shower a haven


Wash your WFH stress away. Shower time is sacred alone time. It’s the time of day where we can get away from WFH calls, parent duties, and house chores! It’s the only we can truly be alone to relax. Take it a step further and make your shower a full blow haven of relief by investing in the right products. Set up your favorite candles, ready your trusty scrubs and loofah, and use a cleansing and rejuvenating body wash like Safeguard Detox. 

escape WFM stress
escape WFM stress

Safeguard Detox is enriched with Pomegranate that allows for deep cleansing of the pores, stripping away germs, bacteria, and dirt while leaving skin refreshed and rejuvenated. The fragrant foam will feel like a refreshing escape with every pump. 


Schedule your relaxation time


However, you choose to detox from the WFH stress of each day, make sure that you make time for it (and stick to it!) It’s so easy to get swamped with our daily tasks that we forget to take care of ourselves. Set an alarm for your reading time, block your weekend to curate a playlist, or set 9:00AM or 11:00PM as your regular shower time. Setting time to rejuvenate yourself means having more energy to give back to the world. So what are you waiting for? Start your relaxation today! 


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