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7 Easy Ways to Edit Travel Videos and make it View-Worthy

One of the pleasures of traveling is that it is a pleasure to document your trips and share them with your family and friends. To make interesting traveling films, you do not have to be an experienced travel journalist!

You can now make your trip films as a professional by leveraging a broad range of video editing tools. Whether you have captured excellent raw footage or not, all of your errors in the editing phase may be corrected in order to produce perfect films!

So here are 7 tips to help you craft appealing travel videos.

Tips to Edit View-worthy Travel Videos 

  1. Deploy Seamless Transitions

All right, there are many methods of making transitions smooth, but this tiny technique is extremely essential, particularly since first-time people always make this “error.”

If you place two videos next to one other, and one clip includes the motion of a camera, it will surely look like trash. I’m 100% sure there are instances like these, and I must add that I bet somebody created it deliberately since it’d (probably) seem like trash if it weren’t purposeful.

  1. Use proper Audio in Travel Videos

A decent video requires sound, whether it’s your voice, music, or both. Having optimal music is an important element in creating a good trip film, where a lot of beginner travel video producers frequently come undone.

But try not to fall into cultural clichés – i.e., drums on films about African countries, Spanish guitars, etc. The music must match the tone and speed of your video. Instead, follow the music rhythms you have selected and create transitions.

Some video producers select music before they start editing, some while editing, but the final result must be the same. An online video editor like InVideo can help you in this regard as it comes with a vast collection of stock audio tracks that can suit almost any travel vlog requirement.

  1. Establish Clear Points of Interest

Your audience should know what they’re looking at and making relevant shots is critical to a successful, high-energy travel video so that they have a very clear point of interest. What about the editing process, however?

Well, if you know how to edit your video, you can make your shots as per the points of interest. If it is on the right side of the frame, it will help your viewers to find it if you take the following picture to also have it in the same general location.

  1. Deploy Pancake Editing

Do you want to edit faster and accelerate your editing flow? Just look at pancake editing.

You can only put timelines over one other so that you can 1.) scroll through and check what kind of clips you have, and 2.) drag and drop the chunks from one timeline onto a different one.

Some editors utilize the A-roll and B-roll separation technique, some do so for picks and raw cuts, you get the picture.

  1. Establish the Camera Settings Before your Trip

One of the last things you want to do is to alter your camera’s image profile during your vacation. This would cause a lot of needless pain, particularly when you are color correcting the final footage.

Before the journey, try the optimum settings for you and set them for all modes by default. Do not change any parameters that influence your footage to keep your footage consistent.

  1. Establish a Narrative

Travel is unexpected, unplanned and needs us to carry out considerable study and meticulous preparation to create a fantastic narrative.

If you don’t have the money and time to scout a place, come up with a plot and dictate the actors, you will have to deal with the chaos and spontaneity of travel, which is why it is so essential to always have your camera ready and film as many as you can.

  1. Establish the Pace of your Videos

A beautiful rhythm and flow have to be found. Perhaps start slowly and easily, then hit it a bit harder and quicker, build your enthusiasm, increase your pace and then proceed with the edits.

Then proceed for round two till you ease it all softly down again. Whether you opt for a high-energy video or a quiet, contemplative one, it is essential to establish your rhythm and pace to keep an audience interested and have a good time.


It takes a lot of effort when crafting appealing travel videos and there’s no question about that. The beauty of creating videos, though, is that you can make connections with millions of people across the globe particularly when you have a platform such as YouTube to share your experience.