And just like that

AND JUST LIKE THAT we have a show for Mid-life Crisis Women, Men and LGBTQIA very 2020s relevant

A no-spoiler review of the first episode of the spin-off series of Sex and the City (SATC) , And just like that , I like it… it’s very real.

Women in their 40s-50s can relate.

In this show we see women who are not 20 year olds but menopausal age… Successful and has achieved a lot on their mid 20s to 30s and now living , struggling and trying to still be relevant in this very sensitive woke generation.

You see wrinkles and gray hair and mid-life crisis problems of women, men and LGBTQIA.

I always say show me an article of women on their 40s-50s who are successful not the 20s who still latched at or benefitted on their parents success somehow.


And just like that …

Set in a post-pamdemic setting. A continuation of the very bad last SATC movie ., if you are a fan of the series before then this is a nice series for us to see how they’ve become and that there’s really no Happily after I’m the end but a continuous saga of wins and losses.

And just like that

We still see Carrie , Miranda and Charlotte minus Samantha which is well explained why she was gone on the first episode.


How I wish this is what they did for the reunion show of FRIENDS and how I wish they did something like this for the upcoming 20th Anniversary Reunion of Harry Potter also showing on HBOGo on January 1,2022. A one episode special just to update us of our favorite TV shows and movie of our time.

And Just Like That I have a new favorite show. Of course it still has its glitz and glam, the high end fashion inspiration of couture and bold fashion statements that we loved from the original SATC

Ang Dami Kong sinabi, but at least no spoiler…. I hate spoilers haha not cool.

I watched the 1st episode twice 😭😭😭

And just like that

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Btw, thanks HBO Asia for these goodiesHBO Go and just like that