vivo T1 5G Full Review – Great for Nightscape Smartphone Photography / Videography

vivo T1 5G Full Review – Great for Nightscape Smartphone Photography / Videography

I am not a super techy person but I am also not a newbie. I have been reviewing gadgets for a while now but mostly my opinion is based on a lifestyle point of view. I talk about specs and gadgets mostly on layman’s terms where I usually show how it is most commonly used and what features would a commoner would want from a new gadget.

Just recently I showed you an unboxing of the new vivo T1 5G and today I will dive more if this phone delivers as it promised TURBO SPEED


The moment I unboxed the vivo T1 5G , I realized it was lighter and smaller than another smartphone in the same price range. True enough it is a few centimeters smaller and a few grams lighter than the one I am currently using.

vivo t1 5g review

I was used to a smartphone with both ends having some sort of buttons for power and volume but this one only has buttons on the left side.

The front camera is the old drop design at the center we’ve seen in 2017-2018.

The fingerprint scanning is on the screen just a little above the charging port. It immediately lights up when you touch the unit.

There’s no earphones port and the speaker is next to the charging port. The charger is a type C USB and has no wireless charging option.

vivo t1 5g review vivo t1 5g review


It is very responsive it’s because of the 90Hz refresh rate that ensures fluidity while navigating the device’s menus.

I mostly make videos, take photos and edit on my smartphone. Yes, I find it easier to edit videos on my phone than on my laptop or computer mainly because of the touchscreen option. I also find it faster because I just do the drop drag photos and videos and I feel like I am just sending messages when I edit.

Watching content on the vivo T1 5G’s display is great. Its 6.44-inch AMOLED display with a Full HD resolution makes it so. Colors pop out vividly which is enjoyable, I like well-saturated images and videos.


With very minimal use, like only viewing Facebook pages and scrolling, replying to messages and a little video scrolling and viewing of reels and IG stories, vivo T1 5G lasted for a couple of days. I kid not.

I let my daughter use this to watch YouTube videos almost 24/7 (yeah she has a smartphone companion all day all night, I don’t restrict her, as she has autism, and music and repetitive commercials on YT soothe her). Anyway, it was able to last for 2 days for its next charging.


As I mentioned earlier I mostly use my smartphone to take videos and photos because I am lazy using my DSLR camera. vivo T1 is a treat to use taking videos. I mostly took scenery shots (videos and photos) with it and the images are a delight.

vivo t1 5G

T1 5G offers a turbo camera for its price. Users get to experience high-quality low-light photography with just one snap. The 64MP AI HD Triple Camera System, 4K Ultra HD Video, dual-view video, and super night mode features make this all possible.

Night shots and night videos are mostly not so crisp on smartphone cameras but take a look at this video:


sample phtoos viv t1vivo t1 5g review



DO I RECOMMEND the vivo t1

It was mainly marketed for gamers, I am not a gamer so I can’t say much about it. T1 5G provides powerful a gaming experience. It’s powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G processor providing immersive gameplay and realistic graphics.

But if you are into smartphone photography or videography like me, then you can consider this very handy turbo smartphone. 64MP AI HD Triple Camera System,4K Ultra HD Video, Dual-view Video, 1080P Ultra Clear Display with a 50MP Main Camera. It’s a good nightscape smartphone videography and photography tool.

However, with its price of T1 5G: P16999 I might want to explore my other options. There is a T1 4G which is half the price but I can’t say much about it as I haven’t tried it.

You can get the vivo T1 here