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Honestly, I don’t know anything about headphones, I’m not really into isolating myself from the outside world to listen to tunes while I’m travelling or even when at the gym working out or when doing Zumba. I am the type who likes to be aware of everything around me. But sometimes when you want to watch a movie or some videos from YouTube or just listen to tunes to relax it is good to have a good headphone around. So what should you look for when buying headphones?

Recently , JBL had a a two-day event at the Glorietta Activity Center where they introduced JBL’s extensive line of headphones , each one was made to fit everyone’s interests and needs making everyone aware of the JBL’s signature sound and design.

I was able to listen to some of them and even did a live broadcast on my Periscope that day where you can see my honest and unsensored opinion of each JBL headphones starting from their entry level one with a price range of Php4,500.00 to the most expensive one at about Php75,000.00!

Watch it here:

JBL Headsets that I’ve tried at the event and impressed me was the Everest Elite 700 NC. My favorite feature is the NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling Technology, which allows this users to control the amount of outside noise, to create the ideal balance of ambient sound and music. I also love the sculptured ear cushions also provide the right ear comfort. I also leared that it is Bluetooth and has 15-hour playtime – coupled with its TruNote technology that calibrates sound based on the fit around the ears. Price is around Php11,500.00.

JBL Headphones AKG N90

Another of my favorite as you can see from my live video, was the Elite 300 NC (which I luckily won during the raffle at the event). Price is around Php7,500.00 it is Bluetooth as well. And the best feature is the ShareMe where you can share whatever you are listening to to a bluetooth capable headset as well, so you can share sound. While it does not have that Noise Cancelation thing, it isolates me from hearing whatever is happening outside which is nice, and the sound quality is good as well.

JBL Headphones Everest 300

I also tried their most expensive one, the N90Q, price is around Php75,000.00. Why so expensive? It’s because of its top of the line technology including sound calibration where it will adopt to the sound frequency suited for the listener/user. It is wireless and bluetooth and gold plated. You are paying for technology on tis baby. Sound quality is awesome, isolates you from the outside sounds as well. Very comfy around the ears and very light.

JBL Headphones


JBL Harman Headphones

Also included in the Everest series are the equality impressive, Elite 300 NC, Elite 100 NC, 700 BT, 300 BT, and 100 BT.

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts can also experience great sound and music with the Under Armour Wireless and Reflect Mini BT, under its sports headphones line. Engineered by JBL, the UA wireless was built to exhibit JBL’s signature sound and wireless feature for up to eight hours. Made especially for those with active lifestyles, it also sports a durable design to withstand sweat/water, and JBL’s Twistlock technology to assure users that the headphones will never fall off, while fitting comfortably.

Alongside the UA wireless headphones is the lightweight Reflect Mini BT, which guarantee users the perfect fit and stability to experience great sound and keep their adrenaline flowing. Apart from these two sports centric headphones are JBL’s Grip Series, Reflect Response, Reflect Mini, Yurbuds Leap, and Yurbuds Inspire Series.

Passionate music lovers – novice and professionals alike, can also satisfy their desire for great sound with the Studio Headphones line that compose of the JBL E40BT and E50BT – as well as AKG’s Y50, Y50BT, and Y45BT, and Harman Kardon’s Soho and Soho Wireless.

Now, you ask what should you look for when buying headphones?
1. Look for something that suits your lifestyle and need. If you are sports and outdoor type of individual, a bluetooth wireless sweat proof headset is the one you shoud look for. Look for something that you can still hear or be aware of your surroundings rather than the one that can isolate you as if you are biking or running you should be aware when there’s a speeding vehicle behind you!
2. If you are a sound enthusiast or music lover and loves ambient sound then you can go for the ones with noise cancelation and sound calibration. Depending on where you want to enjoy your music, you can go for the big padded ones that is comfy on the ears and lets you relax. But if you are travelling wired ones may be the best so you don’t get to lose it when you fall asleep or something haha!

For more information, on JBL Headphones visit http://ph.jbl.com and http://ph.harmankardon.com. You may follow their social media accounts Facebook: JBL Philippines, or Twitter and Instagram: @JBLPH

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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