Powerful 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit Feng Shui References + Marites Allen Metaverse + Feng Shui Event

Powerful 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit Feng Shui References + Marites Allen Metaverse + Feng Shui Event

Every year for almost two decades since I’ve known International Feng Shui Master Marites Allen,  I always look forward to the release of her yearly Feng Shui References and just now she came all the way to the Philippines from UK to announce that her 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit Feng Shui Almanac, Planner, and Horoscope Books are now available.

Each of the three feng shui references is updated annually, but because they each contain so many timeless suggestions, many users decide to keep their copies. Her self-written references have become well-known both domestically and abroad due to their extremely helpful substance.


2023 FengShui Almanac

The 2023 Feng Shui Almanac is a vibrantly drawn desktop calendar that uses lunar cues to help you select lucky days and times for your everyday activities. It’s critical to understand which energy shifts especially work for or against you out of the many that occur every month, day, and hour. In the most recent edition, there is excellent material on the Feng Shui Five Element Cycles, which is particularly helpful when setting up places to attract luck. Additionally, each animal sign’s good and bad days are covered, along with negotiating and financial loss prevention advice.

2023 Feng Shui Planner

A more thorough manual, the 2023 Feng Shui Planner includes instructions for managing daily activities based on both positive and negative indicators. . In order to help the reader decide which areas to improve or treat in order to maximize good fortune or ward off negative energies, it includes a monthly guide to the moving Flying Stars or the lucky and unlucky sectors of the house and business. Additionally, it includes a wealth of useful information, such as Personal Horoscope Elements for every animal sign. There is plenty of room to record reminders and significant notes.

2023 Personal Horoscope Books

Through information on your luck possibilities for the year and for each month, the 2023 Personal Horoscope Books help you leap and hop your way to a prosperous Year of the Water Rabbit. It offers advice on how to employ feng shui charms to increase luck and remedies to deal with difficult energies,

The 2023 Personal Horoscope Books show you how to leap and hop to a successful Year of the Water Rabbit through information on your luck prospects for the year and for each month. It has suggestions for feng shui charms to use to boost good fortune and cures to manage challenging energies; with more helpful advice for advancing wealth, health, a profession, company, and interpersonal connections. Marites Allen and Frigga Charmed Life’s pioneering Augmented Reality (AR) experience is made possible by the QR codes found in each book. This is a feng shui first. Unlike the flat impressions provided by print photos, images “come to life” and give you a true experience of the highlighted products.


These indispensable feng shui references for 2023 are available at www.frigga.com.ph or www.frigga.co.uk. This can also be bought in bundles or on individual copies at both websites or thru Lazada.  Call Frigga Charmed Life’s hotline at 0920-9509390 for further details.

Marites Allen  Feng Shui Event + Metaverse

It is characteristic of international feng shui master Marites Allen to introduce new features and developments in her Annual Feng Shui Updates. This year’s event is no exception and will, in fact, mark several firsts in her long history of hosting such presentations. This time, it is set to be held online on December 17 and 18, 2022 in preparation for the coming Year of the Water Rabbit, which starts on January 22, 2023.

Marites has recently partnered with Kaloscope, a new social media platform that will introduce augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR) experiences into the December event. But what are these strange-sounding realities and what can they bring to the feng shui table? These experiences are usually associated with the metaverse, another hazy concept for many people today, but which is slowly creeping into ways we interact and relate to others, do business, play games, etc. Metaverse is used to describe the combination of these different technologies to allow real-time interactions and experiences across distance.

So, will the December Feng Shui event be something like that Fortnite virtual concert by popular rapper Travis Scott, with all those figures dancing and a futuristic background? (For the uninitiated, YouTube clips of this event are out there for viewing). But no. Online event participants will not see Marites as an avatar. However, she, together with Kaloscope, will present some initial but bold initiatives toward the Metaverse path.

Golden Zodiac

Marties Allen Golden Zodiac Metaverse
Earthlingorgeous holding the Golden Horoscope that you can only see virtualy !

For one, the feng shui master will launch her Golden Zodiac books during the event. This set of 12 horoscope books now comes with QR codes which, when scanned with mobile phones, will transform flat images of products into three-dimensional objects – the closest one can get to holding and feeling them. The horoscope books, Feng Shui Planner, and Almanac, are annually updated to include important indications for the Chinese New Year and how to use them as guides for prosperity and success during any given year. Copies are available online at https://frigga.com.ph/collections/books.

“I realize that many Frigga followers have been collecting these references over the years, which is not surprising because each one contains valuable tips and insights that readers find very useful,” Marites says. Thus, starting next year, ownership of the Golden Zodiac books, again through Kaloscope, will set the stage for launching a non-fungible token (NFT) collection that will introduce exclusive benefits or perks to owners or holders, including access to events, discount in shops, or private consultations with Marites Allen.

Early this year, Marites became a member of the Philippine Women Innovators in Blockchain. Blockchain technology, along with AR and VR, plays a big role in the Metaverse as it allows the use of NFTs and cryptocurrencies to trade any virtual asset, while it keeps an enterprise well-managed and sustainable. Kirck Allen, Kaloscope CEO, sees Frigga Charmed Life’s entry into the Metaverse as a timely initiative to create interactive content for users, but also to attract younger audiences to the potentials of feng shui and technology as an income-generating proposition.

These exciting scenarios, plus the much-awaited feng shui forecasts and insights from Marites Allen make her 2023 Annual Feng Shui Updates an event not to be missed. Online registration is still open at

Marites Allen Feng Shui Updates – Year of the Water Rabbit 2023

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