What grooming equipment do you need for your dog? There are 12

What grooming equipment do you need for your dog? There are 12

Dog grooming should be of enormous importance when caring for your furry friend, but which pieces of grooming equipment are amongst the best? All dogs need some grooming routine, but due to some dogs growing hair quicker than others, some may need regular haircuts, but some may just need a bit of a brush of the coat, a bath and trimming of the nails.

It has become increasingly popular to send your dog away to be groomed by a professional dog groomer to ensure they receive the best treatment possible and, most notably, the most stylish cut possible, but this can all come at a price. For those dog owners who would instead save their money, purchasing a dogs grooming kit or following this list of essential dog grooming items would be a good start.

Dog Grooming Clippers

This could be one of your most essential tools when grooming your dog, but this depends on your dog’s breed. Short-haired dogs will, of course, not need as much attention with this tool as a long-haired dog would. If you have a Poodle or a Cavachon, it would be advisable to regularly trim their coats due to matting and keeping it as comfortable as possible for your pet.

Dog Grooming Scissors

Scissors and Clippers go hand in hand, very much like average scissors; Dog Grooming scissors commonly come with a blunt end to protect the skin of your pet. Scissors are typically used to remove hair from the more delicate places where you don’t want to risk using clippers.

Dog Grooming Brush/Comb

This tool is needed for all types of dogs, but depending on the dog breed will depend on which kind of brush/comb you should purchase.

Flea Combs

This is needed for when your pets have contracted fleas from the outside world, and this will typically be used after they have had a bath, as it will be easier to comb through the hair once the fur is wet.

Wire Pin Brushes

This is needed for dogs with medium to long hair, in most cases to help straighten the hair of your furry companion.

Mat Breakers

This brush is needed for dogs with curly hair that tend to get matted over time when left to grow, so brushing the mats out regularly is essential for the comfort of your pet.

Soft Bristle Brushes

This brush is meant for dogs with shorter fur, as you want to avoid using metal material brushes or combs on short-haired dog fur as this would most probably affect their skin. A softer brush would protect their skin as well as get rid of any unneeded hair.

Dog Shampoo

This is essential when washing the fur of your furry companion, as dog shampoo does not hurt your dog’s eyes should it creep in, but using human shampoo will first sting the eye of your dog. Still, some human shampoos have a terrible effect on dogs’ skin.

Dog Ear Care

If you own a dog with more floppy ears, these can sometimes hinder your dog due to the ears aching at times. The achiness is due to bacteria getting in the ears, which could cause infection if it is not treated, so owning some dog ear care is very important.

Dog Nail Clippers

This tool is meant for any dog owner, unclipped nails of a dog can become extremely painful if left unclipped for too long. In some cases, untreated nails have grown so long that they curl and eventually penetrate your animal’s skin, which is something you don’t want to happen. But remember to be careful when trimming your dog’s nails; if you cut them too low, it could be very painful.

Paw Moisturizer

This tool is more commonly used in the hotter seasons of the year because their paws become dry on the hotter floor while on walks. Keeping your pet’s paws moisturised is vital due to how uncomfortable they could become if left untreated.

Lots of Towels

When washing and drying your dog, it will get increasingly messy if you have no towels. Making sure to use old towels and not new fresh ones to wash your dog is very important.


Hopefully, now that you have read this article, you have a more comprehensive idea of what you can do to make grooming a pleasant experience for your furry friends.


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