Kerala Blog Express 7 is Now Open for Registration, Join Now !

Kerala Blog Express 7 is Now Open for Registration, Join Now !

Kerala Blog Express season 7 will be happening soon and if it is one of the press junket trips you always wanted to be a part of then today is your chance to try your luck and be on board.

Registration and nomination is now open.   How to be chosen is up to you.  I am not sure if they were solely rely on your social media engagement but you can ask the support of your followers to vote for you.

Only 30 chosen bloggers & social media influencers will soon be boarding the Kerala Blog Express, a luxury bus, for a two-week road trip across Kerala, India. If you are a digital media star with a big community of followers, this is the perfect platform for you to experience and create content on one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Organized by Kerala Tourism, the curated trip will give you unique insights into Kerala a state in India.

Kerala Blog Express season 7


Here’s to answer some of your questions about the Kerala Blog Express:

  1. When is the Kerala Blog Express 7 scheduled?
    The Kerala Blog Express 7 is scheduled from May-end to June 2023.
  2. Who can apply?
    Social media influencers – travel, lifestyle, and food bloggers, photographers, and vloggers.
  3. What are the selection criteria?
    Participants will be selected based on the nomination, quality of social media content, follower base, etc. Aspiring participants can ask their followers to nominate them on this website.
  4. When will the nominations close?
    The nominations will close by the end of March 2023.
  5. When and how will I know the result?
    If you are among the top influencers in the nominations list, you’ll receive a personal email. The complete list of winners will be published on the website.
  6. Can nominated candidates be disqualified?
    If our team of researchers finds any unfair or unethical practice during the nomination, you’ll be disqualified.
  7. Who can nominate influencers?
    Anyone with a valid email address can submit a nomination.
  8. How many participants will be selected?
    A total of 30 participants will be selected. Only one participant will be selected from a country.
  9. Can I bring a spouse/partner/documentation team for this trip?
    No, we do not allow partners or any others to accompany the participants.
  10. Can I plan the itinerary?
    You are welcome to suggest places for the trip. We will consider your suggestions
    while finalizing the itinerary.
  11. What is the duration of the trip?
    It will be a two-week trip from South to North Kerala.
  12. What are the benefits included in this trip?
    Airline tickets, food, accommodation and travel throughout Kerala will be borne by
    Kerala Tourism.
  13. What are the benefits excluded in this trip?
    Visa expenses, travel insurance and other personal expenses.
  14. Will Kerala Tourism pay for my travel to and from India?
    Kerala Tourism will reimburse the entire airfare at the end of the road trip.
  15. Will I be provided with an Internet connection?
    Wi-Fi will be provided in most places. Each participant will be given a data Sim Card.
  16. What am I supposed to do during the trip?
    As a travel influencer, you can feature Kerala experiences as static posts, videos,
    reels, stories (tagging Kerala Tourism), etc. Destinations, stay, activities, food and
    all of your travel experience can be featured. Online engagement through social
    media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, etc. can be utilized. More
    information will be shared during the briefing session before the start of the trip.
  17. Will Kerala Tourism provide us with a documentation team?
    No, each influencer must bring all the equipment needed to document the trip
  18. What is the type of accommodation provided?
    Your accommodation will be arranged in top-category hotels and resorts across
    Kerala on a twin-sharing basis.
  19. What is the mode of transport?
    You will be traveling in a customized luxury coach bus.
  20. Do I get Travel Insurance?
    You have to take your own insurance for the trip.
  21. Will I be able to go back mid-way through the trip?
    Although we cannot force you to stay with us, we hope you will be with us till the
    end of the trip.
  22. I registered last year. Can I do it this year?
    Yes, you can register; however previous winners cannot participate.
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