3 People You Meet In A Coffee Shop: The Heart (Part 1)

A kind heart is more beautiful than all the minds of the world.

One of my favorite pastime is people watching.  I don’t know I just like to observe people.  I look at the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they dress.  It’s fun to do it is like a peek at “street” fashion and culture.  I learn from them somehow and I also like reading body language .

The best place to do this is at an al fresco setting at a coffee shop.  You can also do it on a restaurant but it is less intruding if it is done in a coffee shop.  Buy a tall cup of whatever drinks hot or cold and just drink a few sips at a time and not rush. Like a sip for every 10 or 20 people that passes by if you do bodycount haha!

Last week was one of the unique days I had at this coffee shop. Where it was I will not tell haha its one of the places I am in camo, nobody knew me except the baristas and the guards at the shop, occasionally I bump in to people I know but not frequently.

So yeah, last week is one of the interesting days I had in there,  I met three different people who actually talked and made a connection with me.

3 people you meet in a coffee shop
One was a guy from Australia, another was a guy from Dubai, and another was a girl from here but going abroad for work.

Let’s talk about my conversation with the Australian guy, his name starts with an M.  His father is doing well in the Philippines, in fact his dad is a well-known guy in the Manila fashion scene, he said, his parents are well-off, they have businesses.

He is not Caucasian but you’ll know he is not from here because of his accent.   He said he was a balikbayan visiting for a friends wedding.  I asked if I can sit on an empty chair in front of him because the al fresco was kinda bit full and I wanted to sit and people watch.

That’s where the conversation started.  We had a very interesting conversation about his life there in Australia, the tourist spots he has seen here in the Philippines and about me and what I do and about the world in general.  It was a nice talk we had that I think I can only have with a good friend.  I think I somehow made a friend and maybe will meet him sometime someday if ever our roads will cross again or if he decided to drop by at the coffee shop and incidentally I am there too.

One of the things M does was doing missionary work.  He was reading a bible when I sat beside him.

We talked about the Philippine culture and how beautiful the country is and how great the people are. He describes how he is so interested at how diverse and different the life in the city is and in the provinces.  He wanted to learn more.

He was amazed at how the life of the rich and poor is very visible.  Until we lead to the biggest problem our country is facing, the corrupt government officials, the corruption in the government itself.

I said, if you want to do good for yourself, if you want your family not suffer financially or live decently, you have to work for it, you don’t rely on the government.  You do it yourself .  The government is owning up to how the economy is growing and how businesses are coming.  It is not because of the government it is because of the people who are trying so hard to make their lives better.  The government is the cause of delay but not the cause to stop for those who had the will do make their living situation better.

Ah, that is very interesting.  So if the corruption exist and if you have the power to change anything in this government to stop the corruption that has been happening and is happening, what would it be and why? he asked.

heart of kindness
Without batting an eyelash or even thinking for a second I immediately replied.  “The heart, I will change their hearts.  If they have the heart they wouldn’t do bad things to other people. They will be kind and loving and compassionate.  They wouldn’t have the heart to be greedy and make other people suffer for their gain. They will do all means to help and not put other people down. It’s the heart it’s always the heart.

Then M wrote in his notebook.  “I have to write what you said.”

After a few more talk he said his goodbye, he is on his way for a missionary work in Pampangga and he will be using my line in one of his inspirational talks he said.

A few minutes later a guy from Dubai asked to sit at the empty chair M left and then he started to make a conversation.

My grandma told me that when I see a beautiful girl with a golden tattoo, I should not let the moment pass by without talking to her ,” what an interesting pick-up line he throw on me to begin our conversation I thought.

Oh btw, I was wearing my gold temporary tattoo from Nurimalana  that day.

To be continued…..




I had to post this today in relation to the disheartening deaths of 44 Philippine SAF PNP Commandos who were massacred at the Mamasapano Mission in Maguindanao.  These policemen died because of greed and corruption in our government they wanted the $5 million bounty offered by the U.S..  The commander in chief (the President of the Philippines Noynoy Aquino) should take the blame, he should owe up to this he ordered the mission (but he said he did not call the shots (asshole).  Anyway,  men died, unsung heroes died!  No remorse from the highest official of the government no heart at all.  It is everyone’s fault but his.  (news story of the SAF chief owning up for him here)   Tomorrow, Friday, January 30, 2015 was declared the National Day of Mourning for the SAF men who died in vain.  That’s all PNoy can do declare a mourning but no declaration of calling justice to the deaths.  Sigh.  Where is the heart Mr. President, where is your heart?  (Here’s the story of the AFP, MILF and BILF)

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