We Won the APAC Beauty and Lifestyle Blog of the Year 2023

We Won the APAC Beauty and Lifestyle Blog of the Year 2023

I won, this blog won the Beauty and Lifestyle Blog of 2023 Awards of the APAC Insider South East Asia Business Awards . This deserves a blog post.

There are days when I don’t want to blog anymore. There are days I want to quit social media.  No, it’s not days it’s been months.  Call it burnt out, depression, or getting discouraged a lot by how a lot of the local agencies, brands, and PR I used to work with would rather give a paid gig to an influencer with so many followers because they rather have hype than sustainability and credibility.  Oops! did I say that out loud, I guess I did?

Anyway, I would like to thank the APAC Insider , their Nominations Team and the Awards Team for this Beauty and Lifestyle Blog of 2023 Award.  Now I have my motivation back again, sort of.

Thank you for acknowledging my hard work.
All I did was accept the nomination thinking I got nothing to lose.  They (the nominations and awards team) did not ask me for anything.  They did not ask me to post or get votes to win as mandatory, all they want was for me to accept their nomination and it is up to their research team to do the work if I deserve to win or not. I am so honored and happy to say, they picked me and I won! I WON!
Thank you to the people and the universe who believes in me and my blog,  a special mention to strangers who will give merit to you based on your credentials, credibility, and sustainability not just because you are hyped and you got the clique.
Buti pa sa international recognized ako pang international talaga kasi ung standard ng Earthlingorgeous.com 😋
Mabait naman ako yaw ko lang inaagrabyado.
Intayin natin ung plake or whatever na ipapadala daw nila at mag acceptance video or walk tayo. 
I will try my best to keep it up. We are 15 years strong ! 
Stay gorgeous everyone !

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