How to really empower Mothers/ Women

How to really empower Mothers/ Women

There are so many advocacies saying they help moms or women empower themselves but honestly, they don’t empower but they actually make moms and women become more insecure about themselves.

They ask them to join these webinars or seminars or thingamajigs taking their time away from their families and selves just to listen to other people boast about their achievements and what they have.

Every mom/ women have a different situation in life.  So telling them to do this because it worked for them is not really empowering. Our situations differ , the people in our lives are different.

The best way to empower a mom/woman is give them a livelihood.  I don’t mean to sound like all I want or need is money but parang ganun na nga.  

Life is already hard as it is and having a lot of money can actually make life easier for us. Money will be the least of our problems because money will come and go and will flow continuously, if you support our ventures our project, and the little livelihood we set up for ourselves so we can spend for our family and ourselves.  That way we don’t feel so restricted on scrimping on ourselves just so we can spend for our family.  We can’t give what we don’t have but for a mom, they will give all they have even if it means not having anything for themselves anymore.

Support our business, and support our ventures, that way you empower us.  There’s no other way, the rest is just lip service.

Do not ask me to work for free, give my time for free, there are a lot of movements and clamor for stay-at-home mothers to get paid to stay at home.  Time is precious.  I know some will say you chose to be a mother but we didn’t make the choice a lone we didn’t make our kids alone, it is a shared responsibility all of it.  Imagine if all moms would just leave their kids to fend for themselves after birth. Now that’s a mess.

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