I’m Getting Old

L-R: My bestfriend Christine (eldest), Jonalyn (2nd oldest), Len-len (youngest/bride), Reby-Ann (third), Ruby-Ann(fourth)

I attended a wedding this afternoon, the youngest sister of my bestfriend’s wedding to be exact. Being there seeing her little sister getting married made me realize that I am old!

Yeah, I didn’t realize my age despite having a seven year old daughter. Odd as it sounds but that wedding made me wake-up to the reality that I am in-fact really old! See I saw that girl grow-up she was just like two years old when I first met her just a baby and now I see her in her wedding gown exchanging vows with his boyfriend and now husband. Wow! Time really flies and I am getting old.

It was great to see her with four of her siblings including my best friend they were like my sisters too.
My other bestfriend Rachel was here tonight, she mixed-up the date of my daughter’s birthday to tonight. She was so sweet to remember my birthday too (I’m really getting old!) She gave me Angel Locsin’s perfume by Avon and a Victoria Secret’s lotion. I am so touched!
I got a package today, my gift from my mommy from the Kriskringle. Yay! I got The Legend back (yeah the Drizzt series). Thank you Mina!

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