I know most of you would not mind reading this post as this doesn’t concern or interest you in any way.   I was like you eight years ago.   My view about disability was confined with persons who shows very obvious signs impairment like being deaf, mute, blind, crippled,Continue Reading

UPDATE: Gomey is home!  Hooray!  The more than 800,000 post helped. He was sent back home.  Details here. One of my biggest pet peeve are people who are so full of themselves to think they are better than others and know more than anyone else. I was doing my regularContinue Reading

One of the most difficult task of parents is teaching their child how and when to use the bathroom.  It is more difficult if you have to potty train a child with autism, as you have to make extra effort than an average child. My daughter after so many yearsContinue Reading

Angels will take a walk again on January, 24, 2010, at the SM Mall of Asia as we held the 3rd Angels Walk for Autism. The walk is entitled Angels Walk in the Malls. Registration will be held at the Level One Entertainment/Music Hall, fronting the Seaside Boulevard. This isContinue Reading