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Buy or Bye: I Tried the So-Called Kris Aquino Approved Everbilena Makeup Is it Worth It? Plus a Giveaway!

Kris approved makeup products, are they a buy or bye? Fans and non-fans alike who are beauty enthusiast got very curious about Everbilena makeup after Kris Aquino came out and visit a store and tried on some of the makeup to prove she uses them.  Some items was even tagged by the queen of all […]


How to Win an Asus Zenfone Max and an Oppo Smartphpones Today

I’m sorry for showing off the two new fones I got for Xmas this year.  Yes,  I got a brandnew Asus Zenfone 3 Max from the Asus Philippines Xmas party this 2017 and I also got the Oppp F3 Red Limited Edition from LionHeartTv Xmas Party around  my neighborhood.   I have a lucky streak , […]

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Quiz 2: #DaretoDream Alongside Our SEA Games Athletes Win 5,000 AirAsia BIG Points

Quiz 1 is over if you missed your chance to join that one, don’t worry here is another one for you not to miss.   The first quiz was a flash one because this blog just got live September 1, 2017 and I need to send names same day I just extended to 9am today […]

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Quiz 1: #DaretoDream Alongside Our SEA Games Athletes Win 5,000 AirAsia BIG Points

How updated are you with the recently concluded South East Asian Games 2017 held in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia?   Fret not, I have posted the updates in here like the highlights during the opening ceremony and how Gilas and Perlas was able to dominate the basketball court at the SEAGames 2017.   Now that […]

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Spider-man Homecoming After Thoughts + Movie Tickets Giveaway + The World Premiere Preview

“If she finds out who I am maybe she’ll get disappointed.” Peter Parker “If you are nothing without the suit,  then you shouldn’t have it. “Tony Stark “…real reporters not bloggers. ” Tony Stark “I can be your guy in the chair. ” Ned Just some of the lines that stood out for me from […]

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Urban Rugged Gear for the URGe for a Tough Active Lifestyle Need + A Summer Promo

Fast, modern, active, mobile.   This is this generation.  With that in mind everyone knows the importance of having a durable, dependable tough gear to suit their lifestyle. Because of that, Urban Rugged Gear (URGe) revealed their latest and most innovative product offering which is perfect for the millenial living. At the formal launch of URGe, they […]

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Don’t Drive Hungry ! Get Snikers Free Temporary Car License Plates

  Traffic in Metrro Manila is a situation we are all tied up to for years until our government does a good urban planning and infrastructure.   One way to ease up the tension on the streets is to have disciplined drivers and DON’T DRIVE WHILE HUNGRY!   Why?  It makes you more hungry and […]

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