Why Do You Have to Get a Watsons Card?

With all the membership cards here and there offering rewards and points for this and that, do you actually really need to get the Watsons Card? I’ve been asked that question personally and for someone who has an advantage card I did have that second thought.  Do I really need another card to thicken my […]

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Shoe Shopping Tips and Tricks

Shoe shopping tips

Wearing the right pair of shoes makes a huge difference to how you look and feel. There is nothing worse than having to attend a wedding wearing footwear that pinches and doesn’t quite match your outfit. It saps your confidence and, usually, by the end of the day, your feet are killing you. So much […]

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Avon Expo Debuts Mark Makeup, Mars Ravelo Pinoy Komiks Heroes Line, Kitchen Magik

Avon Expo

Avon recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary in the country with a grand Avon Expo showcasing their newest product, partnerships  and best selling products. I was one of thise invited to have a sneak peek. It was such a delight to step in the Avon City as they transformed the World Trade Center into an Avon […]

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BIC Kids Coloring Products

Bic kids coloring products

It’s school time again, have you bought your kids, nephews or siblings school supply yet? I hope not coz this is something you may want to include in your school supplies shopping list. I used to think BIC was just pens and pencils. It was a surprise for me to find out that they also […]

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