I’m sure you’ve been told that the colorbif the year is radkant orchid. Radiant orchid is close to lavender but a little more brighter and intense. Here is a Makeup look inspired by the color of the year. To achieve this look I used Revlon PhotoReady Primer+Shadow in Watercolors andContinue Reading

I believe in inviting good luck.  So, every year I make it a point to know which colors are lucky and what ritials to do to enhance my luck.  So far so good it works like charm. According to the Chinese Calendar 2014 is the Year of the Wood Horse.Continue Reading

So I turned hermit this week, I didn’t want to attend any events or movie gala premieres because I’m reserving my energy (and money) on my upcoming trip to Macau! Yay!  With all the time in my hands.  I got a lot of time to play with makeup and IContinue Reading

So,it has been ages since I posted an #FOTD  I’m just like uninspired to put on an entire look lately. But today I decided to post this look since I was not in a rush when I did my makeup.  The bright red lips and my curls just made thisContinue Reading

The first time I saw this displayed at a bazaar in Bangkok, I immediately fell in love with it and just had to buy it right away. Yes, I am just like that when it comes to clothes, I buy on impulse. I like to buy items I see onContinue Reading