Yesterday was that kind of day. When you just want to take things slow, look as relaxed as you can be and just be you.  You don’t care what they think and just be. This attitude of dressing and living is also known as the “normcore.”  Normcore is also knownContinue Reading

It’s been three consecutive Sunday’s that I am out for “workplay” and my favorite outfi foe those kind of a lazy relaxed Sunday ia just a simple white shirt and jeans. Jazz it up with a cool sweater or jacket and I’m good to go. Shoot at Citrusnap Studio inContinue Reading

I’ve been out partying again last night. I know, I’ve been partying a lot. But hey it is all clean fun. I drink but I don’t smoke or do drugs and I party with people I trust and it depends on the occasion. Last night it was all about ShamelessContinue Reading

Call time 6PM.  Our service van to Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia arrived to pick us up so we will arrive on time for the Red Hot Party for the launch of Taylor Swift Livery Aircraft by AirAsia  #TaylorSwiftViaAirAsia.  We were picked at our hotel ALoft in Sentral KualaContinue Reading

Sad news greeted us this morning of Earth Day. A very dear friend and a brother-in-la I never had passed away after being in comma for almost 3 weeks. Maou Villaflores wherever you are now we will miss sorely miss your presence here on Earth. Found a nice spot! OhmContinue Reading

Okay, this is an uber late #WIWTD post. I lost track and I actually though I have poated about my Music Festival outfit already but I did not. So here it is, what I wore at one of the most epic Music Festival in the Philippines to date — theContinue Reading