She had the swagger of a girl. She blushed like a boy. She had a girl’s toughness. She has a boy’s gentleness.

girl meets boy
She was as meaty as a girl. She was as graceful as a boy. She was as brave and handsome and rough as a girl. She was as pretty and delicate and dainty as a boy.

girl meetds boy
She turned boys’ heads like a girl. She turned girls’ heads like a boy.

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She made love like a boy. She made love like a girl. She was so boyish it was girlish, so girlish it was boyish, she made me want to rove the world writing our names on every tree. I had simply never found someone so right. Sometimes this shocked me so much that I was unable to speak. Ali Smith, Girl Meets Boy: The Myth of Iphis (Canongate Myths)

“I don’t really know anything. I’m just cute and fun to watch.” – Shawn Hunter

Jack Purcell
What I wore:
Bag: Belissima Firenze
Phone: RedMi from
Sneakers: CONVERSE Jack Purcell Classic

Wore this today for the 51Talk launch and Century Tuna Superbods Cook-off will tell you more about both events later.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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