#WIWTD 40: Let It Find You

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#WIWTD 40: Let It Find You

Hay, ang Christmas season parang Valentine’s day lang, lagi kang kinukurot at pinapaalalahanan laluna kung single ka parin or maging single forever lang ang choice mo.

Let it find you
Kaya ako, eto ang drama ko ngayon Pasko.

2014-12-22 14.59.47

My love
Where are you?
I’m falling so endlessly
Like I always do
My hollow heart

If you have love
Deep inside you
If you have love
Let it find you

One day
Will you see?
You throw away the memories
That hide away the truth
My hollow heart

If you have love
Deep inside you
If you want love
Let it find you

2014-12-22 15.00.27
2014-12-22 15.00.43

Dencio's Kabisera CCP

What I wore:
Top (that’s actually a kaftan dress) ROMWE
Shorts: UNIQLO
Denim Jacket: CAMEAUI

2014-12-22 15.01.15

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