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#WIWTD 70: In My Element

There comes a time in our life that we become at peace with ourselves and the universe that we just glow with happiness. I feel I have come to age and in my element. This was a stolen shot taken during the TOMS Without Shoes event held at BGC where participants like me willingly took […]

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#WIWTD 68: Dahil Summer Lang Ang Forever

It’s raining these past few days but the heat and humidity in the city is still crazy. That’s because summer lang ang forever sa mundo at sa Pinas. (Summer is the only thing that’s forever in this world and here in the Philippines.) Kaya may forever mga friends, may forever! Anyway, I attended the Closeup […]


OOTD: Singles Are Not Loveless

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, biting everyone of the love bug. Singles are being reminded that they don’t have that significant other to do special things for them or for them to do something special with or to. Ergo being labeled as loveless. Isn’t that a cruel description of single people? Singles are […]

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OOTD/FOTD: Hello 2013! I Popped A Good Bottle Last Night

Life is a journey that never stops, no matter how bad things seems to be, always live life and look forward for a better tomorrow. So Cheers to that! Half of this year was not so good as mom got very uber sick that she was bed-ridden for more than a month. It drained all […]

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