There comes a time in our life that we become at peace with ourselves and the universe that we just glow with happiness. I feel I have come to age and in my element. This was a stolen shot taken during the TOMS Without Shoes event held at BGC whereContinue Reading

OMG! Hey June! You are here! How time flies! It’s the middle of 2015 already! Hey June! Please be good to me! I know you will! I am ready for all the good things you will throw my way! Hey June, you are a busy month! I can feel theContinue Reading

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, biting everyone of the love bug. Singles are being reminded that they don’t have that significant other to do special things for them or for them to do something special with or to. Ergo being labeled as loveless. Isn’t that a cruel descriptionContinue Reading