OOTD/FOTD: Hello 2013! I Popped A Good Bottle Last Night

Life is a journey that never stops, no matter how bad things seems to be, always live life and look forward for a better tomorrow. So Cheers to that!


Half of this year was not so good as mom got very uber sick that she was bed-ridden for more than a month. It drained all of us and it was not a good feeling. My big brother and his family is going through a not so good situation right now. As much as we want to help, some things are better left undisturbed and let those who are involved find the solution to their problem. All we can do is pray for each and everyone of them enlightenment.

Anyway, the good thing was that my mom got better before the year ended and she is now her usual funny sometimes annoying self (You can read her silliness in the Facebook page I made for my mom here). I Thank God for making my mom better again.


The family tradition has always been to wear polka dots and look your best when welcoming the new year. It was also a tradition to have an abundance of food, mostly sweets and round fruits and a lot of money in your pocket (mostly coins) so you can shake shake shake them all out. This symbolizes calling for a prosperous new year and that our pockets will never ever ran out of money ever… so we did…

We popped a good bottle of wine last night, Moet and Chandon, to be precise, and announced a toast for good health for each and everyone of us all though out the 2013!

I had my hair curled for the night… as a practice to my new do for 2013!


Bagay ba?

I also used three of my glittery, shimmery eye shadow from Lancome, Estee Lauder and Laura Mercier

To make this simple but striking look


and no, I’m not wearing falsies, that’s The Best Mascara of 2012 for me, the Fairy Drops Volume Express!

I also wore the clothes I got from my Ukay shopping last Christmas and the shoes from Shoo-In that I got from Zalora at half-price! This symbolizes my gonna be thrifty year promise to myself so I can spend more in my out of town or country trips!

happy new year
I wore the Jade faux colar necklace that was a gift from my Team Penshoppe family! Btw, Jade EMERALD is the color of 2013 according to Pantone.

My most favorite part of the night was that we had all our favorite food in our table to indulge into! Forget diet! This year we will all be full of everything we want!


My ultra favorite Kashi Maki from My Pink Wasabi!

All our favorite food! Spring Chicken, Crispy Pata, Spaghetti, Chicken Salad and Kashi Maki with the Moet and Chandon!

Noise makers? We had the good old “torotot” and coins as we shake our hips with our thingamajiggle props for belly dancing!


My daughter likes to jiggle and wiggle so the noise went loud but soft and pleasing to the ears!


Tasha is wearing the cats ears headband by Anagon Collection and a dress from SM Kids Fashion 🙂

So there, that’s how my New Years Eve went. How was yours?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Hi Ms. Earth! I’m also a fan of thrift shopping. Every sunday, I always go to a place here in GenSan where in there are lots of Ukay-Ukay stores that sells fashionable and brand new items in a very cheap price – 10.00 is the minimum and the maximum is not above 100.00. Anyway, It’s so nice to hear from you that you’re also fond in buying “Ukay-ukay” stuffs 🙂 and OH! I like your Black sequinned tank top + your shining, shimmering splendid eye shadow. It looks good on you! Stay pretty <3 Love lots!

  2. Author

    Haha thanks jade and emerald kinda in the same color family to me hahaha green 🙂 Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

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