OOTD: Singles Are Not Loveless

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OOTD: Singles Are Not Loveless

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, biting everyone of the love bug. Singles are being reminded that they don’t have that significant other to do special things for them or for them to do something special with or to. Ergo being labeled as loveless. Isn’t that a cruel description of single people? Singles are not loveless, in fact they have so much love to give and share. It might even surprise you that singles have more than one loves. He or she could just be someone who is not ready to commit to one. Is that being selfish? Loving oneself too much to even commit to someone? Maybe. But then again, you can’t give what you don’t have.

What I’m wearing:
Vest:  Oxygen
Tank Top: Trifted
Pencil Cut Aztec Skirt: The Ramp Crossings
Two-toned Wedges: Shoo-In bought via Zalora
Bag:  Tomato
Watch: Veloci
Not Loveless
Best Accessories for this OOTD:  My killer smile and the hunks surrounding me! And yes a lot of self confidence! Oh let’s not forget my diamond saw blade cut necklace.
To coupled one’s have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the hearts day with your special someone. To all the singles in the house we have all the love in the world to share to everyone! Have fun on HVD!

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Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Love your smile indeed! You look lovely Miss Earth! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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