“My Shopaholic Confession”

Hi! I’m Earthlingorgeous and I’m a shopaholic.

First let me remind you, I don’t speak Prada, Gucci, Fendi and Burberry like Rebecca Bloomwood. Thinking of their price makes me faint. Besides, I wasn’t born with a golden spoon in my mouth. I am just an ordinary Maria from this beautiful country. I only speak local middle class brands that any commoner can buy for themselves.

I am easily pleased with Genevieve Gozum, Kashieca, People are People, Forever 21, Penshoppe, HerBench, Pink Soda, Bayo, Kamiseta, YRYS, Chocolate, Maldita, and Cinderella for my clothes; Celine, Manels, Ohrelle, Figlia and B-Club for my shoes (because they are the ones with my tiny feet size); Marks and Spencer for my skin care; HerBench, Body Shop and Everbilena for my make-up (imported brands too strong for me they burn my skin!); Triumph, Avon, and Penshoppe for my underwear; and Jag, Next, 17, and Bobson for my jeans (tiny girls jeans!).

Resting before I go shopping again!

What I love with those brands is they are just right for my size and are more affordable than the high end brands which means I can buy more than just a couple. Besides I would rather buy an authentic middle class brand than a Class A imitation of a designer high-end label (class a or b it’s still the same, it’s fake and their manufacturers don’t pay taxes like we do!).

Anyways, like any other girls out there, I too get those days when I feel I don’t have anything to wear. I remember my dad would get so annoyed at me phasing back and fort the room and living room because I was discontented with what I was wearing. So, I would go back to my room change to another outfit and then look in the mirror and be unhappy again and so I go back and change and the cycle goes on and on irking my dad some more. “Ano ba kanina ka pa eh, ang bagal bagal mo namang magbihis!” he would comment.

Well what can I say I can’t choose what to wear because I have nothing to wear! You know the feeling of being so frustrated that with all the clothes staring at you in your closet and you have nothing to wear? It’s a terrible feeling like catching your husband kissing another girl. Yeah that horrible!

The Retail Lab in Powerplant is a piece of paradise.

My mom who can relate to some extent would just laugh with what I was doing and console me by saying “Maganda na yung pula kanina ah, ba’t ka pa nagpalit?”. Despite my dissatisfaction I would settle for something at the moment ruining my entire day with a grim face because I didn’t think what I was wearing is good enough for that day despite having worn the same for a couple times already.

This was the cycle that happened to me almost every two weeks which gave birth to this unshakeable relationship with the mall (or anywhere with a sale for that matter) and the beginning of my journey as a shopaholic.

I’m very fond of bargains and sales. Snagging a great item at a bargain price is very rewarding feeling. I can compare it to winning a contest. I’ve been literally to almost every sale or bazaar you could think (mall or bazaar) since 1997 in Glorietta, Robinsons Galleria and Manila, SM Malls (Megamall, North Edsa, Fairview, Sta. Mesa), Manels warehouse in Makati, the warehouse at South Superhighway and the Ukay-Ukay haven in Baguio where I get to snag the high end designer labels at 90 percent off their original price ! That my friends is my piece of heaven! Aside from my other earthly vices.

I grok shopping!

Honestly, I can’t resist that big red sale sign inviting me to go and fill my hearts desire. Carrie Bradshaw once said women’s vice include, men, clothes, shoes, cocktails, and cigarette. I dunno about the men and cigarettes but I would definitely agree about the clothes and the shoes 100% or anything that involves shopping.

I don’t just shop for clothes or shoes though, I have this three drawers full of undergarments, like Rebecca said underwear is an essential, definitely! I love linens, isn’t it nice to come home and sleep on a bed with silky soft cottony smooth bed sheets and pillow cases? It’s unimaginable if you don’t have at least 7+ bags and purses to alternately use at work or play! And of course the groceries and toiletries we all know we can save more buying wholesale than retail right?

However, this shopping spree put a dent on my finances. My salary can’t even make it up to the next payday anymore. But of course if there’s a will there’s always a way , the easiest way to get an easy fix with money problem is to get some loans to help you get through . I know that’s bad but I need the money and so I applied
for a salary loan from SSS and Pag-ibig and was delighted to receive four times my monthly salary! Wohohooooooo! Of course, what a way to celebrate aside from treating family and friends to dinner is to go shopping and boy was I happy to be able to literally shop until I dropped. I was in nirvana!

90% off at Beneton Outlet in HongKong! Who can resist? That was just the first bag!

The glory days did not last long though when one day I looked at my paycheck and was mortified by so many deductions! My take-home pay shrinked and that measly salary I get couldn’t even allow me to pay for my apartment rent, not to mention other bills!

I was desperate to cut my expenses or else I will starve! I decided to let go of the apartment I was renting with my best friend and moved back to my parents home. I had no choice.

It was a tough time for me specially the need to wake so early so early because I need to commute all the way to work that usually takes more than 2 hours traffic included. Well I can’t complain, free rent just some share for the bills at home, and the ability to shop, what more can I ask for.

Because of the tiring everyday routine I had, commute more than 4 hours everyday, the mall became my everyday source for peace and relaxation. Before coming home I would pass by the nearest mall and purchase a few items. It was my little treat for myself that lifted my spirits high when I’m tired and exhausted. It’s so nice to see all those shopping bags! Retail therapy is indeed great for the soul but not so on the wallet!

The shopping bags I hide from my mom!

My spending was still out of control and I literally went to a time when I had to hide my shopping bags in the bushes by our gate so my mom won’t see them. I will leave them there until my mom is asleep so I can bring it to my room. I don’t want the nagging I get everytime she sees me come home with a shopping bag. Yeah it turned that really bad!

Another wake-up call hit me when I tried to get a cash advance from my credit card because I am running dry with cash and the machine snubbed me by flashing “the amount you tried to withdraw is not allowed!” I came home very depressed and I found my credit card bill laying by the cupboard and found out I’ve maxed out on my credit limit!

I had to beg my mom for a loan until the next pay day again and swore that day that I will never ever use credit card again! I was mortified by the huge interest rate I am accumulating monthly it’s just crazy!

Some of the stuff I bought but haven’t used yet.

Right now I am still paying for my lavish spending over the past years and pay my balance in staggered amounts. The card got lost when my purse was snatched. Thank God! the temptation is gone and I didn’t even bother to have the card replaced and just informed the credit card company of the loss.

At present, cash is my means for shopping. Honestly, it’s the best choice I had because it minimizes my chance of overspending. Especially now that I have a daughter I have to spend my money wisely. I use separate envelopes to keep money for bills (tuition, therapy, transportation, food allowance, savings and bills) and place the extra money on my wallet which means they are spendable fund.

My daughter changed my spending habits. I have to be careful with my budgeting and just bite my lip, restrain my hands or close my eyes whenever I pass by a shop and see something I like!

Don’t get me wrong though, I still love shopping, but this time my daughter comes first and instead of stuff for myself it’s mostly her stuff now. But if I can I still buy squeeze buying stuff for me as my reward. Actually this week alone I got a dress, a blouse, a jogging pants and gym tops, a bikini top and micro-shorts, a head band, a new pair of eyeglasses, and a new facepowder. Some of them I don’t get to wear yet!

Yeah, I know! I won’t and I can’t stop shopping ! Not because I have lots of money, hell no, but it’s embedded in my system. As long as I am a woman I won’t stop. Also because I have an awesome shopping buddy, my sister, whom I get to shop for free when I’m with her or I get to shop for her with her shopping money so it’s really great! Thanks sis! I grok you!

It just feels good to be able to get what you want or buy something at a bargain. It feels as good as winning the lottery, no kidding.

That I think is why I can relate to Rebecca Bloomwood and maybe some guys over there should watch her movie to understand why we love shopping and the dilemma we undergo when we can’t! Don’t forget to catch “Confessions of a Shopaholic” in cinemas on February 18, 2009!

20 thoughts on ““My Shopaholic Confession”

  1. “Too many clothes and nothing to wear” – this is just sad… so sad…. if you can’t decide what to wear. 😀

  2. So online retail sales have been up for 2009. Thats great, I can’t believe people are still buying things online like hobby products, and what not. I want to get one of those rock tumblers. Seems like a nice hobby. Not too expensive. Don’t have to be around another person to enjoy it.

  3. @ Topaz hahahaha naku sinabi mo pa!

    @ Dinah see you later!

    @ Mike thank you!

  4. Wow! I’m also a finalist but after seeing this post, you truly are a shopaholic! =)

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