Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride

I’m sure everyone heard about this one liner before. “Always a bridesmaid never a bride”. It’s about the single ladies who are always bridesmaid to all her best friends and relatives wedding. She catches the bridal bouquet in most of the occasions believing she will be the next bride but ends up not doing so until the last of her peers got married and had their kids. And instead of becoming brides and wives like your best friends you become godmother to each of your best friends children. But wait that’s not all since all of your friends and peers are married and have their kids you don’t get to become brides maid anymore but become godparents to the younger generations wedding!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t you just want to scream when that happens?

Anywho, I got to think about this situation after watching Status Single of Ruffa Mae Quinto. A really hilarious movie about the ups and downs of singlehood and her insecurites as a woman being left out single by all her bestfriends and her dream of having her own wedding.

That’s me attending my last ever bridesmaid engagement, after that I refused to become one because of this fear of ABNAB! LMAO! (Photo was water damaged that the best I can do to restore it.)

I know I sounded like I want one too, well, I wouldn’t be a hypocrite. I mean all girls in this world I believe at one point in their life whether be it in childhood or just recently had a dream of walking down the isle wearing that glorious white dress towards the man she loves and exchange vows right?

But honestly, I think I am close to that end part, maybe I am just waiting for a couple years or so and I will become Ninang (godmother) to some younger generation acquaintances wedding. For Petes sake! Ok an exageration, thanks for my genes they still think I’m 16! Hah!

But have you heard about always a proposal but never a wedding?

Well, I had three marriage proposal in my lifetime now and counting? I hope not! What I mean is I want the last proposal to become a wedding and not just a proposal. Got it?

Want to hear some more? Nah, don’t want to bore you, but if you ask nicely I’ll tell. Hah! Later alligators!

Happy V-day!


  1. i can relate… pero in my case, mahirap kasi i have to consider if my daughter also likes the other person…

  2. hey girl, never lose hope…there’s this someone out there who’s really made for works in mysterious ways…

    nice visiting your blog


  3. @ Chris ay oo nga ano nakakalimutan ko kasi ang araw bali drop by again ako later to browse other mommy’s moments post ako ng akin 🙂 thanks for reminding me 🙂

  4. happy hearts day earth! miss na kita sa mommy moments ah 🙂

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