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Fab Info: Replica Or Fake

I found an awesome Adidas Philippine jacket online and I immediately contacted the seller.  I was surprised by the selection the seller gave me would I want the original or the replica?  I was shocked.
If you want to buy good imitation settle for the replica.  I don’t feel comfortable about it though.
Replica is fake made sound good for marketing purposes but it is still a fake.  The makers of these items are fooling the public.  They don’t pay the usual tax the original creators made.
I believe an original local brand will be better, aside from saving more you also get to help the economy.

Why do people buy fake anyway when it’s so obvious its a fake. Some social climbers buy these stuff because they are easily available and less expensive . Why were they priced cheaper? Obviously they don’t have the license and other documentations needed legally for the production of that product, they don’t pay tax and hurt the economy badly.

Well, FYI, those who can afford the real deal can tell and when you strut your “replica” they’re gonna notice, shame on you!

Just for discussion sake can you spot the fake to the authentic? The top one or the bottom one?

Good luck!
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  1. The one on top is the real one.

    Buying the authentic one is cheaper if you’ll base it on long term use.

    Before I bought a Php500 fake mark jacobs bag and it last for only a year. Compare to my 3k RL bag Ive been using it for almost 3 yrs. already.

  2. […] than the high end brands which means I can buy more than just a couple. Besides I would rather buy an authentic middle class brand than a Class A imitation of a designer high-end label (class a or b it’s still the same, it’s fake and their […]

  3. earthlingorgeous

    @ Sherry K Fields and EllyRB I will tell you which is real soon for now let’s keep it suspense! Ahahahaha! 😀

    But I agree with you K Fienlds it’s hard to find the difference between the authentic and fake even people.

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