Join My 2nd Blog Anniversary Thanks Giving Treat


UPDATE: First 3 Valid Entries automatically wins an Avon Windscape For Him and Her, Blogging From Home Book and 2 Movie Passes To Eastwood City Malls and a spot on my blogroll (Friends of Earth).

All early Bird Prizes are already taken! Congratulations to Iris, Mizhelle and Jennie A! An additional 10 points to all who have joined since the contest start until February 17, 2010 12mn since there are mix-ups in codes and errors in the links that are now corrected, please be guided accordingly.

ALL COMMENTS ARE MODERATED and ONLY VALID ENTRY COMMENTS WILL BE APPROVED for all contest related comments the rest non-contest related will be approved immediately. A special mention to Iris Camille Meija-Acosta of Aerin Collections for being the first to complete all steps and fulfilled a valid entry!  I suggest everyone to look at her comment below and her post to see how its done right.

ALL COMMENTS ARE MODERATED and will only be approved until I have checked and verified everything.  Thank you.  Comments not related to contest entries will be approved immediately.

Before anything else let me greet you a Happy Chinese New Year Valentines! I hope you are all smiling and feeling great today.

After two  months of preparation it’s finally here! 2nd Blog Anniversary Thanks Giving Treat is up and I am inviting everyone to join!

Main contest is 2nd Blogversary Treat open to anyone anywhere in the world as long as you have a blog, a valid email address so you can subscribe to my blog and confirm your subscription and a valid Paypal address where I can send your cash prize if you win.

The side contests is  Earthlingorgeous Gorgeous Treats is available to Philippine residents only (due to customs, shipping and handling constraints.)

Mechanics about the side contests will be posted later.  Contest prizes details will be posted on another post.  Up for grabs are:  grand prize grabs a $100 cash via Paypal plus gift items, there’s a second placer, consolation prizes and prizes for top commentators.


1-8 Are Required Steps

1.    Subscribe to my feed via e-mail or reader. (2 pts)  Please confirm your subscription or your entry will be disqualified. (5pts)

Enter your email address:

Delivered by FeedBurner

2.    Blog about this contest including all sponsors and their links (just copy the codes provide below) then link to this particular post using this anchor text “ 2nd Blogversary Treat”. (5 pts)
3.    Grab my contest button and place on your sidebar.  Pls. make sure it links back to this post. (5pts)
4.    On your contest entry post, which includes the sponsors links, answer the following question (your post entry should answer these questions or if you feel comfortable to make another post for this you can do so) : (5pts)

  1. How did you learn about
  2. What is your favorite post here and why? (entry should be between January 2009 – December 2009)  Link to said post.
  3. Include a screen capture/ print screen of the page you are reading at or a photo of you reading or browsing on your computer screen (make sure my logo appears anywhere in the photo)
  4. What topics would you like to read at Earthlingorgeous more often?

5.    Comment back on this post to inform me of your contest entry URL and the email address you used to subscribe. (2pts)
6.    Become a Fan of on Facebook.  Follow me on Twitter (click that follow button on the side bar) (5pts.)
7.    Sign the contestants spreadsheet.  So I will know how to contact you in case you win. (Spreadheet here)
8.  Comment back if you completed all steps 1-8.

For Additional Entry Points and chances to win other prizes:

9.  Comment at least once a day at any of my post especially the new ones.  Spammy and pointless comments are not accepted.  A maximum of 5 comments a day is accepted.  (1pt each comment)
10.  Promote this contest on your other Social Networks (Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Plurk, Yahoo! Meme, Multiply, MySpace and Tumbler) (1pt each)
11.  Join my blogversary side contest mechanics to follow. (10pts)
12.  Be active on Facebook Fanpage. (1 pts a day)
13.  Post the photo you used on your contest entry on Facebook Fanpage. ( A photo of you reading or a screen capture of the page you are reading) (2pts)
14.  If you joined the side contest include the side contest mechanics link your side contest entry in your main contest entry using this anchor text : “ 2nd Blogversary Treat”.  (2pts)
15. Stumble, Digg, or Delicious me (1 pt. each any one will do) (Stumble link)
16. Technorati Fave my blog. Add to Technorati Favorites (2 pts)

Winners will be selected through the help of a selected panel of judges from the special sponsors below.  Winners will be selected based on the sincerity, creativity, and relevance of the post.


Special Thanks To The Following :

  1. Eastwood City
  2. Geiser Maclang
  3. Ogilvy
  4. Avon Philippines
  5. Neutrogena
  6. 20th Century Fox
  7. Strategic Edge Marketing

I would like to thank all my blogger friends and supporters for providing whatever they could to make this contest bigger and better:

  1. The Struggling
  4. Christian
  7. Online Money Making
  8. Kevin Ray
  9. The Accidental
  10. Mommy
  13. LivinglifetodFullest .
  20. Darling
  21. Mommy
  23. Honeysweet Learning
  30. Marriage and
  44. I Heart
  45. Oh So
  52. Mike
  61. Chuchieshideaway

Main contest is up until March 18, 2010 only.  Side contest will be simultaneously held with different deadlines. Winners will be announced here but will be announced on Facebook Fanpage first.

Pls. read and follow instructions carefully and re-check if you did ALL REQUIRED steps to qualify. Thank you and Good Luck!

Click to read CONTEST PRIZES!



To those who joined please don’t forget to sign the contestants spreadsheet!

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  1. so excited with the result. Congratulations to you Ms. Earth for a job well done.

  2. Here’s my entry:

    I Blogged it
    I subscribed (aphrodite_wood(at)yahoo(dot)com)
    I linked it
    I put the badge on the side bar
    I joined ur facebook fan (ruthpaditbantilan)
    I fave u in technorati (RRR1220)
    I filled up the spreedsheet
    I answered question no. 4,here’s the link….

    Done with 1-8…

    If lucky, i like clean & clear gift pack, and avon windscape perfume 4 her
    .-= ruthy´s last blog ..Kaye and Pehpot’s Blogversary Contest =-.

  3. Done with 1 to 8, here’s my post:

    signed your spreadsheet already.

    plurk – melandriaromero
    tweet it – (followed you too)
    facebook – Ria Rosaura Romero – post it on my wall
    multiply account – posted under journal ,
    yahoo status – [email protected]
    bookmark at yahoo.
    stumble upon – melandriaromero
    digg –
    httpL// /melandriaromero

    followed at networked blogs
    added to my technorati favorite.

  4. wow, so excited . My entry will be up soon. I do hope i can still catch up with the points of other participants.

  5. Hello

    Could you please post a partial listing of valid contestants for your anniversary promo, so that we could also check if our entry is valid thanks!!!! =p

  6. Wow, grabe nose bleed…. LOLz….. Finally sana magqualify ako …

    1. a subscriber now ……[email protected]
    2. I hope the Q&A portion will pass the test… here:

    3. Have posted the contest badge on my side bar, but the links won’t work just check it out, i just put a short teaser at the bottom of the badge.

    4. A facebook fan now …verna liza luga (complete name, LOL)

    5. Have favorited you on Technorati (vernz)

    6. Have signed the spread sheet.

    7. Just inform me if the badge link is ok.. then I will replace it…

    SALAMAT … Good luck to me and everyone … All the best!
    .-= Vernz´s last blog ..I GOT FEATURED =-.

  7. Hi!
    1. I am a confirmed subscriber [email protected]
    2. My post
    3. Your Badge on my contest banners (I made some modification to your link but it was linked to your site, see if it is ok with you)
    4.My answers
    5. Yes, i mentioned it up on items 1,2,3
    6.I amafacebook fan (kaythrine bigueras), i follow you on twitter kayth_22
    7. finished fill uping the form
    8. yes i finish it all!!!

    .-= Kasai´s last blog ..The Red Shoe Story =-.

  8. Hi, I joined your contest. Here are my 1-8 steps followed on your contest mechanics.

    1. I had Subscribe to your feed via e-mail: My email address is [email protected]

    2. I blog about your contest in my blog:
    Here’s the link:

    3. contest button: There has been an error while I am trying to add your contest button in my sidebar

    4. On your contest entry post, which includes the sponsors links, answer the following question : I had answered this questions on my blog post.

    Here’s the link again:

    5. Comment back on this post to inform me of your contest entry URL and the email address you used to subscribe: I had already done it.

    6. I am your fan in facebook fanpage too:

    My name there is Karen Chayne Sanchez.

    I also followed you in twitter, and tweeted this contest.

    7. I had also signed in the contestants spreadsheet.

    8. Done all steps.

    Thank you!
    .-= Karen Chayne´s last blog 2nd Blogversary Treat =-.

  9. Hi Earth,

    I made an audit on the contest sponsors’ links and everything is fixed now.

    I will try to help you with the text area. I suspect it’s because of the quotation marks. That’s what caused the links to be broken yesterday. I will just message you over twitter.

  10. 1. subscribed and confirmed –
    cza[dot]roman at yahoo[dot]com

    2. blog entry –

    3. sidebar button under BLOG CONTEST –

    4. answers to the 4 questions –

    5. commented

    6. Facebook fan – Czaroma Roman
    Twitter follower – czaroma

    7. signed the spreadsheet

    8. done with steps 1-8

    Happy Blog Anniversary!
    will comment again for additional entries 🙂
    .-= czaroma´s last blog ..Earthlingorgeous 2nd Blog Anniversary Treat =-.

  11. 1. Subscribe: [email protected]
    2. Blog it here:
    3. contest button: the image seemed not to load on my page when i added it and checked my page it will only shows the word “Photobucket” what will i do?
    4. anwered the questions here:
    5. commented
    6. I’am a fan of Fan of on Facebook using my account (Seth Omana)
    Followed you on twitter (sethjill)
    7. signed the spreadsheet
    8. done with steps 1 to 8 except for step #3…help please..
    .-= seth´s last blog 2nd Blogversary Treat =-.

  12. Subscribe: [email protected]

    My Blog Post:


    Question and Answer:

    I already posted a comment.

    I am a Fan of Earthlingorgeous on facebook. I followed you on twitter (my account: veggiecircle)

    I signed up the spreadsheet.

    I’m done with steps 1-8.
    .-= Carlo Camilo´s last blog ..Earthlingorgeous 2nd Blog Anniversary Thanks Giving Treat =-.

  13. Forgot to follow you on Twitter…

    1. Subscribed using badet.laurdaus at gmail dot com.
    3. Posted on my sidebar:
    4. Answers posted here:
    5. done
    6. already a fan (Bernadette Siazon). Followed you on twitter (badudets)
    7. done
    8. done with 1-8.
    .-= Badet´s last blog 2nd Blogversary Treat =-.

  14. Hi Earth,

    Here’s my entry:
    1. Subscribed and confirmed as: simplyeffortless[at]gmail[dot]com
    2. Blog it here:
    3. You can see the button at my sidebar:
    4. My answer is on my blog post:
    5. Commented
    6. Facebook: Justine Bloated
    Twitter: effortlessme
    7. Signed the contestants spreadsheet.
    8. Completed the 8 steps.

    I will leave a comment again for the additional entries.

    Goodluck to us! Happy Anniversary, congrats! 🙂


  15. 1. Subscribed to feed zxxxt at yahoo dot com
    2. Blogged here –
    3. Grabbed button and posted on my sidebar
    4. Answered questions on my blog entry post
    5. Commenting here now with email and url of blog contest entry
    6. Became a Facebook fan. I am
    7. Signed the contestants spreadsheet.
    8. Commenting back now because I’ve completed all steps 1-8.
    .-= ZXT´s last blog ..Earthlingorgeous 2nd Blogversary Treat =-.

  16. Hi Ms. Earth,

    1. Subscribed to your feeds using [email protected]
    2. My blog entry is here:
    3. Contest button: left sidebar.
    4. Answers in my blog post:
    5. here is my comment
    6. I am a Fan of on Facebook using the account Nicquee Oblepias; twitter via fngoblepias.
    7. I have signed the spreadsheet.
    8. I have completed steps 1-8.

    I hope to get lucky this time. 🙂

  17. Done! 🙂

    1. Subscribed using [email protected]
    2. blogged about your contest at
    3. Grabbed the contest button and posted it on
    4. Answered the four (4) questions
    5. commented
    6. I am already a Fan of on Facebook using my account (rowena sotto zaballa) and followed you on Twitter (using wena_z)
    7. Signed the spreadsheet.
    8. I completed Step 1 to 8 🙂

    (Thanks google chrome for making my entry possible hahaha)
    .-= wena´s last blog 2nd Blog Anniversary Thanksgiving Treat =-.

  18. 1. Subscribe: [email protected]
    2. Blog it here:
    3. contest button:
    4. anwered the questions here:
    5. commented
    6. I’am a fan of Fan of on Facebook using my account (Levy Castillo Martinez)
    Followed you on twitter (levy1008)
    7. signed the spreadsheet
    8. done with steps 1 to 8

    Thanks Iris for the idea. Hope I will be one of the 3 valid entries too.
    .-= levy´s last blog ..I had the best Valentine’s Day ever! =-.

  19. you can just try clicking the image nalang and then copy sa photobucket and then change the link nalang to this contest… I fixed the glitches na I hope the button works now. Thanks!

  20. 1.) Subscribe: [email protected]
    2.) Blog here:
    3.) contest button:
    4.) anwered the questions here:
    5.) already commented
    6.) A fan of Fan of on Facebook under (Stonibert Lim) Followed you on twitter (abetstone)
    7. ok with the spreadsheet
    8. hope I did it right….

    Good luck and more power!!!

    here is the right entry, so sorry about that could you please delete my previous entry thanks!!!

  21. 1. Subscribed via [email protected]
    2. My entry:
    3. Contest button:
    4. Answered the questions
    5. this serves as my comment
    6. I have been a Fan of since forever! ( and twitter too (
    7. signed the spreadsheet
    8. finished steps 1-8. Yey!!!!
    .-= Jennie´s last blog 2nd Blogversary Contest =-.

  22. Congratulations Iris! you are the first to complete all required steps and fulfilled a valid entry!

    I suggest everyone to look at her comment above and her post to see how its done right.

    2 more slots to claim the earlybird prizes!

  23. 1. Subscribe: [email protected]
    2. Blog it here:
    3. contest button:
    4. anwered the questions here:
    5. commented
    6. I’am a fan of Fan of on Facebook using my account (Iris Camille Mejia-Acosta)
    Followed you on twitter (irisaeirin)
    7. signed the spreadsheet
    8. done with steps 1 to 8
    .-= Iris Acosta´s last blog 2nd Blogversary Contest =-.

  24. @ Wena haha masyado bang madami lolz, tama yan print lolz or kopyahin nalang step by step haha… i’ll wait for your entry!

    @ Emiliana Thanks for subscribing and for posting about the contest do you mean to join too? Thanks

  25. hello, hi sis, ask ko lang po if you receive my comment before, mali po yung link ng site ko, it should be,

    Hope you can change it, thank you so much.

  26. awww ung iba kasi may kanya-kanyang email eh especially sa domain, pwede naman redirect to your main email ako ganun gawa ko eh.

  27. @Pehpot thanks for the heads-up re email subsrciption feed :p mali ung link na nalagay hehe. will post the prizes na haha. Per blog sis 🙂 Not per blogger as long as you can provide a different email addy for said other blogs to use.

    Buti nalang anjan kayo ni Chris para makita ko yung problems and kulang. Thanks 🙂

  28. Hi Chris thanks for the question haha sabi ko na nga may nakalimutan ako eh. There edited na :).

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