Fab Info: Christmas Shopping Without The Hassle

There are three major shopping issues during the Holidays and to be able to experience a stress free shopping dedicate a time for the three.
1) Grocery and foodstuffs shopping
This is a day where you just shop for foods and grocery stuff but just buy the non-perishable ones first and buy the meat and vegis a day or two before the big day.

2) Clothes and accessories
You don’t want to rush picking the perfect dress for a great party.  It’s better to have a day dedicated for clothes, shoes and accessories so you can get the best one or a bargain!

3) Presents
Make that list and check it twice then hit the stores and hunt for that perfect gift for your loved ones.

I know it’s fun to shop with many people around but really do you want the same feeling you got every year when you cram and wait long lines?  I bet not!  Happy Holidays!


  1. The hardest one of all is shopping for gifts for my loved ones and friends. I have so many friends kse.

  2. argh,, really really hate long lines pero I love gift wrapping at cramming hehe

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